Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Continuing the Set Out Junk

This will pretty much wrap up the big stuff this time around.  There is one thing at the booth that I need to remember to photograph.  I can't wait to show you the smalls!  There's some awesomeness there you have to see.  I'm still tickled about it, because it's NERDY!

That will have to wait a few days, however.

There were four themes this time around.  One was windows.

The smallest one has no glass.  Every member of this cute trio has awesome hardware on it.  The one in front has this amazing rusty knob at the bottom.

I forgot to get this pic until the window was already in Mazda. Those are eight individual panes of glass.  This was the heaviest of all of them, so of course, it was (say it with me) at the bottom of the hill.

I actually did not find any windows until the very last day of the hunt.  I was getting kind of anxious about it, because I really wanted to find some.  I've been out for a while, and most local purchase options are way too pricey.

Another theme was outdoor side tables.

The thing on top is one of those fold up stools, but it's a similar concept.  There's one more, but it needs a really deep cleaning.  These needed some cleaning, but not as much.

Another theme was frames.  There's a rustic-looking one in this shot, plus the one in the last pic, plus a few more to come.

The brown thing is a counter top that would make a nice sign or project.  The wood is really super.  There were several of them in one spot, and, of course, I only took one, then thought it over, went back for more, and they were all gone.

The vintage light fixture has these modern shades etched with western scenes.  They are cute, but totally wrong for the fixture.  I'm removing them to sell separately.  The cute little doll cradle has some issues, but in the right hands is totally saveable.

Another frame.  I took that nasty backing out of it.  You can also see a photo-bombing vintage typewriter that was supposed to be in yesterday's pics, but somehow got missed. Oh well.

The fourth theme was chairs.  One was in the first batch of pics, plus the blue stool from yesterday.  There are three more, but I had to throw them on the Hillock due to lack of room at the house.  There's one more at the house, but it'll show up in the next batch.

Now that I think about it, there was a fifth theme: Little Tikes, which is almost always a theme at set out time.  I'll spare you the pics this time, but I found a table, two chairs, and my first-ever ride-in car!  I'm kind of dreading taking that to the booth.

Look for the smalls on Thursday and Friday.  I think they'll have to be two parts.  There's too much awesome for just one post.  Trust me on that one.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Monday Rambles

Behold the wisdom of the fortune cookie!

Behold the wisdom of the trash can in the alley!

Saw that one while on a trash crawl constitutional during junk set out.

I have a feeling if everyone would take both bits of advice to heart, this world would be a better place.

Who says flea markets aren't classy?

C'mon!  We got caviar in the salvage groceries!  Top that!

I found my birthday present the other day in a showcase across from my booth.

That's the way cool 70's Batmobile, by the way.  And it has both figures with it!  Now, I just need to find someone who loves me enough to drop 50 bucks (!) on it.  Well, we do have six months to save up.

Shara did a ramble last week, so I'm doing a phone dump this week. More to come in a second.

I have never been more glad to see a month end than this one.  Barring a HUGE rush today and tomorrow, I'm going to have my lowest total for 2016, and the lowest one in a while.  Sales have just been off.  And it's not just me.  Nearly everyone I know here is seriously crying the blues, no matter what mall they're in.  Sigh.

I know that May means Derby, Mother's Day, the start of warm weather, yard work, yard sales, graduations and proms.  I know that this is just a cyclical downturn and things will pick back up when it finally gets too warm for the wimpy somewhat less than hardcore yard sale shoppers.  But, dammit, I'm overly dramatic!  I wail because it's what I do.  And right now, I'm having a good one.  Wail, that is.  Not month.

If you listen close you can probably hear me.

How slow has it been?  Well, the last two times I've gone in to straighten up, there was nothing to do!  Typically, when things are the slowest, that's when booths get the messiest.  At least mine do.  Counter-intuitive, I know, but that's been the pattern borne out by seven years of experience.  This time around, they're almost spotless.  Even the comic booth, which is always a wreck.  Sigh.

I was loading the van yesterday, when I started hearing some murmurings from the stuff I was putting in.  It seems I had promised them their moment in the blog, but had never gotten around to getting pictures.    In the interest of peace and harmony, here are a few shots of some recent purchases.

Heavy, rusted antique snow shovel.  I can see this baby in someone's porch decor this winter.

Painted bench and vintage metal kid-size folding chair.  I got three of the chairs.  If there had been more, I would have gotten more.  This came from a church sale I like a lot.  Every year, they bring out a few items from their defunct school.  Usually, it's school desks.  This year, it was these chairs.

 Folding wooden chair from the same sale.

Two drawers from the same sale.  I've been kicking myself for not getting more, as they had a bunch.  I love those heavy metal candle holders.  The big GI Joe ship came from a fund-raiser sale that a friend of mine puts on every year.  I was looking through all the small toys on a table when she said "Don't forget the big toys too."  And there it sat.  My friends know me so well.  I also got a huge box full of those big cardboard bricks that they use in nursery schools.  I forgot to get a pic of it.

Speaking of forgotten pics, that photobombing blue thing in the back is a handmade child's stool from the junk set out.  This apparently is the only shot I took of it.  It flips over, so it can still be used as the child grows.  It was completely filthy, but totally solid.

Speaking of the curb finds, they'll be back tomorrow.  I'll be wrapping up the bigger stuff then and moving on the the smalls by the end of the week.  The smalls are where the real awesomeness lies.

I hope everyone has nice plans for the holiday.  I was intending to go to the Big Flea today in honor of my mother.  The sixth anniversary of her death was Saturday.  Memorial weekend has a slightly different meaning for me, I guess.

However, when I was dropping stuff off at the booth, a soon-to-be-departing vendor offered me her two booths full of stuff for fifty bucks.  She's been running a sale all month to clear things out, but still had a whole lot left.  There's easily fifty bucks worth of movies alone.

On Wednesday, I'll ask the mall to add her number to my account, so I don't have to re-tag everything.  Having a separate number for the buy helps me track the sales easily as well.  They can't do it until she gets removed from the system at the end of the month, or all of her sales for May will be added to mine.  (Well, she did say I could have everything.)

So instead of the flea market, I'll be heading to the Peddlers Mall today to sort out that stuff. If anyone does want anything, I can re-tag it.  Otherwise, I'll pull it off the floor and stash it until the first.  The largest items (and there is a little bit of furniture) will go right into my spaces with new tags.  She kept her stuff fairly organized, so it won't be a hard job, but it will take most of the day.

I think Mom would understand.  I'll hit the Big Flea again in July, in honor of her birthday.  She would be 74.

The only thing I was going to be hunting at the flea market was comics, since I am running short.  However, there's already a sale for Saturday on Craigslist that advertises "thousands" of comics for 50 cents each.  And there's a con coming up at the end of June.  I think I'll be all right.

Yes, I do realize that I paid for the privilege of cleaning out someone else's spaces.  It's good karma.  The last two vendors to leave ended up just giving me tons of stuff they didn't want to haul out.

I can't play on the scale of some of the larger vendors, but I do okay for myself.  The best stuff kind of falls into your lap, it seems.

Yes, I know this is why Sorrow Mountain is a thing.  It is slowly coming down.  I need to get some pics of that progress for you all.  

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Retro Y'all!

Thoughts to ponder this Memorial Weekend. 

Emmylou Harris has an incredible cover of this one.  I'd love to here to two of them do it as a duet.  That would be awesome.

One of the very first things Keith and I bonded over was a mutual love of Tracy Chapman.  One day, I cut a pic of her out of Rolling Stone and taped it to his door with a little note that said something like "Hey Keith!  Stopped by to see you.  Sorry I missed you.  Love, Tracy."

In 1989, we were bus captains to the Housing Now! March in Washington, DC.  That was my first ever major national protest march.  It was kind of a heady weekend.  We rode the buss all night, got out, marched, got back on the bus and drove all night back to Louisville.

The Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt was on display at the same time, so we snuck off to see it for a little while.  It was our first time seeing a large scale display of the quilt, and I remember how overwhelming it all was.

I ran into some friends from college there, which was cool.  One of the last things that happened at the main platform before our group had to leave to re-board the buses was Tracy Chapman performing.  It kind of made the whole weekend for us.

Stay safe this weekend folks!  I'm planning to chill and watch anime all weekend.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Junk Set Out Sneak Peek!

I am totally exhausted right now!  As I've mentioned before, this is the week of our official junk set out.  Curbs in our neighborhood have been laden with wonderful goodies since last Thursday and Friday.  I think I might say this every time, but this one has been the best set out ever!

I've got a lot of cleaning and pricing to do, since I found a lot of smalls.  I also found quite a bit of furniture and larger items, a few of which had to go right to the booth, since I have run out of room in the house and back yard.

I'll whet your appetite a little bit by showing you that stuff, while I get the other stuff ready to go and photographed.  I'll be sharing it, plus a few recent purchases, next week.  In the meantime, enjoy this batch.

This painted table has to be one of the best finds of the set out.  I can think of only one that tops it.  We found it at a house that had a yard sale we had attended a couple of weeks ago. I had been watching that one, since the woman said she was moving and might be leaving a lot of stuff on the curb.  This table was the only thing she left, but I got it.

I love the heavy-duty hardware underneath holding the two parts together.

Rusty metal rectangular box.  Cue Donna sigh in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....  It's a really good size too.  The scrappers missed it because it was sitting behind a huge pile of branches, so they didn't see it as they drove by.  It's usually hard to find cool metal stuff like this.

Large painted shutter doors.  Somewhere along the way, one of the slats on one of the fell out, and I cannot find it after much searching.  I'm going to try and sell it anyway.

Painted chair.  It's got a slight split in the back on one side, but I see this as more a plant stand than a seat.  It would look nice with a large fern.

Decorative concrete slab with a pressed in Fleur-de-lis motif.  This would look cool in someone's garden.  The Fleur-de-lis is one of the symbols for Louisville.  It's a heavy piece.

And that's it for the Preview.  Tune on next week for the rest!  There's some way cool, interesting stuff to come. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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Retro Y'all!

I know she's best known for just a couple of songs, but Suzanne Vega's catalog is full of many gems like this little tune, which is one of my favorites.