Friday, September 19, 2014


....You just gotta buy a shark!

Theme Music!

It's made of fiberglass and is pretty hefty.  It was also a helluva deal.  I'm gonna walk away from that?  Not this oddball junker-boy!

No need to worry, however.  I have no intentions of jumping it.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

How I'm feeling right now.

This is my new theme song.

That is all.

PS Old 97's are totally kick-ass.

PS II  Don't worry.  This is just a mood that will pass in a decade or two,

PS III Send brownies.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

From now on....

...This is how I would like to be addressed.

Fun find from Saturday!

Don't forget, pardners!

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go find a cowboy hat.  And a horse.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Weekend Finds

Welcome back to the internet's worst junk blogging finds rundown.  You know the drill:  pics on the fly, no staging, crappy lighting, etc.  I forgot to get pics of the stuff I left across the river on Saturday, so many of the interesting things from the Mazda shot are not even here.  Sorry about that.  I had a lot of smalls, so I only included the ones that I thought were interesting or blog-worthy.  A couple of things I saved for future posts, because some things just deserve it.  A good day junking should keep on giving, as far as the blog posts go!
Small brown tables with retro desk lamps

Saturday was one of those odd days where the peak came at the very first sales and then everything else was downhill from there.  Whenever that happens, there's a weird vibe that results.  I almost lose the thrill of the hunt as soon as we finish that first sale.  It becomes a struggle to keep going.  Add into this my stress over booth sales and situations, and I was having a really hard time keeping the momentum up.  Nevertheless, I persevered!  Shop on, I say!

So what was that first sale that was so very freaking awesome?  Why, the one put on by my very own neighborhood association!  They rent out spaces in a vacant lot not too far from the house and wonderment ensues!  It's always a good sale and there are bargains galore!  I made three trips back to the car before I finished the first row of booths.  I look forward to this one every year.  It's the sale that sets off the home stretch of fall sales for the year.  There are one or two other awesome mega sales coming and then the season will be over.  Sigh!

Painted shadow box
I had intended to set up at this sale this year, but starting the new booth kind of torpedoed those plans.  I'm starting to realize that I might not get another personal yard sale in this fall either.  Well, there's always next year, I guess!

Many of the large things in the Mazda shot came from this sale, including the orange top tables and the blue wicker bar stool.  They're all set up at the new booth.

Back to the yard sales.  After making like a jillion trips through the neighborhood lot sale, we set off to tackle my list.  Next stop was one that included this tantalizing phrase in their ad:  "vintage(?) comic books."  You know I was there!  I walked off with the whole lot after this little dialogue:

SCORE!  Good stuff in here and I got to take the tub too!
Seller:  Comics are a dollar each or three for two dollars.
Me:  How much for the lot?
Seller:  Count them up.
Me:  There's about 16 dollars worth in this stack.  (I counted by threes.)  The other stack is about the same size.  Could I get them both for $20?
Seller:  Can't do that.  I'd do $25.
Me:  SOLD!

That is how negotiations should work, my friends.  Bulk Buy Offer. Counter-Offer.  Boom!
Tin picnic basket.  Repro?

After that, it was hit or miss.  The next few sales yielded little to nothing.  The peak had been reached.  It was 9:30, and we were heading downhill quickly.  And there were too many choices and uncertainties.  Do I go with neighborhood sales that might waste time?  Or drive way out of my usual way for sales that might or might not be good?  I had a real battle with indecision going on.

In the end, I targeted a large adoption fundraiser sale and a small street sale as definite stops.  The adoption sale yielded a cheap Ikea end table and some smalls.  You can see the Ikea table in the Mazda shot post.  It stayed at the new booth, too.  Leaving it we saw a sign for a sale that I had considered going to, but thought it was too far away.  We followed the signs and found two sales.  I piled up so many cool things at one of the sales that the seller stopped totaling me up at 20 bucks and just threw the last four of five things in.  Love it when that happens!

Hulk like Elmo!
One of the things I got there was a very large stuffed Hulk figure.  A woman asked me what I was going to do with it.  Her daughter looked at her and said:  "I would throw it at people on Halloween."  Seems like a good idea to me.  Watch out on October 31!

Across the street, I bought a really odd (for me) item--a weight bench.  It's just one of those plain ones that you lay on and hope you don't end up dropping something very heavy on your throat.  It's totally not me, but it is something I can place other things on it for a display.  It also has no moving parts, so customers won't be tempted to do stupid things in public on it.  And it was only a dollar.  Okay, so that last bit may have influenced me more than a little bit.

On way out of this neighborhood, we stumbled across a fundraiser sale for a Doberman rescue group.  I got a huge pile of enamelware dishes there (most with lids).  Happy dance!  The last sale was a vintage junkie kicking the habit.  I got some nice things there, but there were a couple more things I wanted (chalkware Madonnas!) and she wasn't budging on the prices.
Love the red one! All have lids, except the top one.

We rounded out the day trying to pick up a free sofa from a work friend, only to find out that our wondrous Mazda does indeed have a limit.  Just wasn't going to work.  I ended up putting it on Craigslist for her and hauling it to the end of her driveway.  It's gone now!

Oops!  I am out of things to say.  Photo parade from here on out!

Betty Boop Witch

Love the old hymnals!

Palm Tree Candle Holders

Crafty filled light bulbs

Awesome Oreo tin

Sweet vintage Madonna
Bar stools are quick sellers for me.

Hand-painted wooden elephant/pull toy

Finding Peanuts collectibles is always a plus!
More Peanuts stuff and a Fisher-Price repro

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Rambles

Let's do this!

Last week was a bit much here, but I think this ones going to calm down a little bit.  I am still struggling to fit the newest booth into my routine.  I have no clue what my regular work day is going to be, but I desperately need to establish one.  Two training days last week knocked out any hope of having a work day.  I don't have that challenge this week, so at least I'll have a work day.  I'm just not certain that it will become my regular day or not.

My sales suffered a lot last week.  I've got the rent made at both spots, but I'm not having the high sales days and rapid growth I've become used to over the summer.  I know that until I get a regular day to stock and prep at both sites, that growth is not likely to come easily.

Seems pretty cut and dry, right?  Get to work and everything is going to be okay, dummy!  If only life were that simple--or at least if only my life were that simple.  Alas!  There are complicating factors.

To wit:

COMPLICATING FACTOR NUMBER ONE:  I'm having a hard time trying to find a balance between the two stores.  I have enough space in my original store that I cannot neglect it when it comes to stocking or working it.  If I weren't so worried about that store lagging, I would have just hauled my van load from Saturday over to the new store, priced it, put it out and been fully stocked and done with it.  Under other circumstances, that's the approach I'd take.  However, there's more to this story, which brings us to:

COMPLICATING FACTOR NUMBER TWO:  Sales are falling off at my original store, by as much as two-thirds on some days.  Last week wasn't pretty.  The owners of the building where my mall is have started doing construction in front of the building.  The parking lot is torn up.  The front of the building beside our area has been completely gutted.  There's a fence up that stops just short of our front door.  Worse, our huge front window has been completely boarded up!  From the road, it looks like we've closed up shop.  We can make all the announcements we want in any forum we want, but the perception created by the front of the building is having an impact.  Add to that the rumors that several competitors are taking delight in spreading and I am really nervous about taking attention away from there right now.  I made rent fairly quickly this month, but at the rate things have slowed down right now, I don't have much hope for a strong month.  Fall is supposed to be a busy time for us!

COMPLICATING FACTOR NUMBER THREE:  I could probably weather both of those storms, if it weren't for this last one.  Eventually, I would bite the bullet and do what I had to do for store number two.  Maybe, I'd even overstock it a tad, so I could then focus on the first store with some extra energy.  Thing is, my track record is not so good when it comes to second stores.  I've simply never done well anywhere outside of my original store.  My first two forays into other venues turned into disasters, for various reasons.  I thought that since I was moving into another Peddlers Mall, I would not have that same issue.  Instead, I am having to deal with the voice of history and it's whispering some not very flattering things to me right now.

I know I have a tendency to be a Gloomy Gus.  I'm probably over-reacting somewhat.  I know that things ebb and flow and come and go in this business.  I'm being a tad knee-jerky in my reaction right now, but I cannot help feeling more than a little discouraged.  There's a part of me that wants to say that I've had too good of a summer for this to be my fall.  That would also be my overly dramatic whiny voice.  I know that reactionary side of my psyche has been provoked, so I'm trying to quiet that down.  At the same time, the amount of work one puts into this business kind of makes one prone to these kind of reactions.

Of course, I'm also doing stupid things that aren't helping the situation.  I had pulled a tub of stuff to take to the new booth on Saturday.  I left in my storage at the first store, intending to get it when I dropped off the day's haul.  When I got there, I started talking to some other vendors and guess what I forgot to get?  Goofy Eddie, that's me.  On the other hand, I got some new and rocking furniture from Saturday over there. I also put most of the smalls from last Sunday over there as well.  It is filling up nicely over there, I just don't have enough stuff yet.  It's hard to figure out what "enough" is when you're making up a load to take.  I guess I'll get there.

I guess I should apologize for not putting a "Whiny Eddie Warning" at the front of this post.  Sorry about that.

Let's talk about happier things.

The weather has turned deliciously cool and I am digging it with a spoon!  We are nigh upon my favorite time of the year!  Halloween is coming!  So is my birthday!  (Hint! Hint!)  Leaves will be turning!  Thanksgiving is also on the way.  I have always loved, loved, loved autumn.  This time of the year makes me happy.  There are still a couple of awesome annual yard sales yet to come as well.  I think one of them is this coming Saturday.

I'm writing this on Sunday evening, while Keith is outside doing the yardwork.  He just walked in with a curb find for me!  Yay!  It's be junk set out time again in about a month.

Damn cluttered junk room!
 We did have a good day of hunting yesterday.  I'll have more to say about that tomorrow or Wednesday.  I need to get some pics first.

We got a call from the vet the other day.  It's tine for Old Man Kosh to have a check up.  He's thrilled about that.  (Not really.)  I have my own annual check up on Friday.  My doctor's office happens to be just down the street from my favorite thrift and just a hop, skip and jump across the river from the new store, so I guess my agenda for that day is set.

Thanks for indulging me this time around.  I promise much cheerier content to come.  I'm planning on spending my booth work time this week making a super-load for the new store, while still putting plenty of love on the original booth.  It's time to multitask!

In closing, here's an artsy [ic of me pretending that I'm a Cyclops!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

What' Mazda?

Good day yesterday for sure.  It peaked early at a sale in our own neighborhood and went downhill from there, but there were plenty of finds.

Two stores means I have to go back to thinking about what needs to go where.  Since I did not have a chance to get to the second store this week due to the two days of training I had to do, I ended up pulling everything out of the van in the Peddlers Mall parking lot to sort what went where.

Then I realized:  "Doh!  Mazda shot!"  Sorry about that.  Here's the big stuff sitting around Mazda in the parking lot.  The smalls are boxed up at this point.  I'll have them out later in the week, so pics then with the stories.

It's been a rough week.  Sales have been slow, especially at the new spot.  I am getting discouraged.  More later.