Friday, November 21, 2014

It is time....

Time to pull the trigger and get it in gear, or as my mother would say "time to poop or get off the pot!"  (Eddie-torial Comments:  Your source for earthy humor in the morning!)

Thanksgiving is a week from yesterday.  I am not sure how that happened, since the last time I checked there were still three weeks to go!  I still do not have all my Xmas out at the booth!  Ack!  (As Chiquito would say.)  I am losing sales all the dang time.  In fact, my sales have all but stagnated.  If they were any slower, I'd have a zombie booth.  Sigh!

I have this weekend to get both stores in order for Black Friday, and that's it!  Monday is port day and Tuesday is Treatment #2.  Right after I get up from the chair, we are headed to Arkansas.  I am kind of adamant about seeing Keith's mother this year.  She's not getting any younger and not doing really well right now.  I may spend part of the trip in bed at the hotel, but I am insisting that we go.

It's a make it work moment!  (As Tim Gunn would say.)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Rambles

It's a winter wonderland, it is!  And school is cancelled.  I am fighting the urge to crawl back into bed right now.  I really need to get out in this mess and go to that hot mess of a booth and try to whip it into shape.  With all of the other...well, let's call them distractions right now, I have not gotten my Christmas out. Gasp!  It kills me to think how many sales I have missed. I spent most of yesterday there just cleaning it up, and now I'm ready to restock.  I have so many empty spaces on the shelves.

Fortunately, I have plenty waiting to fill  them up.  My brother and his wife came up this weekend, so a family junking expedition was in order.  He has just started serious selling on eBay right now, plus he has a new side junking venture he shares with two other people.  Basically they have a warehouse full of estate sale leftovers that they open on weekends for folks to dig around in.  Sounds like a dream to me.  I have to visit there when all these damn treatments are over.

I took them to a couple of thrifts, plus a dude in our neighborhood who rents out a storefront to sell foreclosure clear out stuff.  We also hit one of the wildest sales I have ever been to.  More on that later in the week.  I have some stories to tell that need the pics of finds to go with them.

Da Bros Mitchell are on da loose!

There was a small family get-together on Saturday night to belatedly celebrate my birthday.  I decided earlier that I wanted a reason to see my cousins in a setting that wasn't in a funeral home.  We had a great time eating yummy Mexican food and laughing and talking.  We need to do that more often.

Me and Danny with our Uncle Mike and his daughter Maria
Plus their spouses (spice?)

Plus my soon-to-be spouse!

Safe to say a good time was had by all.

This is the first week in what seems like forever that I do not have some sort of cancer-related procedure or treatment scheduled, which is a relief.  Over the weekend, Keith took on the massive task of cleaning out our junk room, and I have some bits and pieces of tidying to do to finish that off. 

I'm starting to get a little bit of a rash on my belly from the shots, but it's not enough right now to crack out the steroids.  I'm going to try some Eucerin or similar lotion first.  I've also go to really get the holiday mojo going at my booth empire.  Sales have been okay this month, but the recent cold weather has not helped.  Today will be dead.  The store might even close early.

To give you an idea of how much work I have to do today:  I took my brother and his wife to see my booths, even though I was completely embarrassed about the shape they were in.  My sister-in-law started cleaning them!  I told the manager that I wasn't sure which was more pathetic, that my booth was so bad my sister-in-law was cleaning it or that I was letting her do it.  hey!  You gotta take the help where you can get it.  If they'll bring the kids next time, they can probably knock the whole thing out in short order!  (Seriously, thanks for the help, Mary Pat!)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Retro Y'all!

I usually post these without comment, since I want the music to stand on its own, but I do have to say a few things here.

This song always makes me think of my mother, who was a feisty thing.  When I was in about fourth grade, I had a teacher who liked to take my glasses away or make the kids who glasses change pairs.  I have no idea what that was about.  She eventually got fired after she tied a student to a pencil sharpener.  Anyway, when my mother found out about the glasses thing, the fur really flew.  She loved a good scrap, my mom.

After she died, I listened to this song over and over for several weeks.  She loved it. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Just a little more...

Turns out that a touch of Pinky and the Brain is not enough.  I need to share a little more.  You have to admire Brain.  He's a nerd with ambitions.

Yet, like most of us nerds, nobody understands him.

Pinky, well, he's just Pinky.


Thursday, November 13, 2014


All this talk about my so-called "normal" brain yesterday has gotten me thinking about all the references to brains I have come across over the years.  I thought I would share some of them here.

Any talk about "normal brains" has to bring to mind this classic bit from a classic movie.  I first saw this in the theater as a young teen. This was back in the day when even little country towns had movie theaters.  I laughed so loud and hard through the movie that my mother said I embarrassed her!

A more recent brain find is this t-shirt.

One of the vendors at my new mall has one of these shirts at his booth.  I wanted to buy it for my birthday, but he only had a medium and that's a size I have not worn since I was, like, nine.  Most of the nerds I know are chubby dudes.  We like sizes that start with X.  (Note that I said "sizes" not "movies")

There's also this version of the zombie/nerd T-shirt, but I don't like the design as much. 

If zombies had blogs, what would they write about?  Brains, of course.  Check out that blogroll.  Turns out there are quite a few zombie blogs.  Who knew?

Moving away from zombies, we find these two:

That's the original version of the theme, from when they were just a segment on Animaniacs and had not yet been spun off into their own show.  Ahhh...the cartoons of my young adulthood!

Of course no mention of these two would be complete without this song.  I think I may have posted it here years and years ago, but it's a classic well worth revisiting.

All together now:  Brain Stem!  Brain Stem!

To wrap up this little survey, I give you Monty Python!

We were actually watching this sketch in the car on the way to my MRI.  I walked in to the hospital muttering about "Bits of Brain."  In fact, I've been saying that just about ever since.

Well, I have to go now. My brain hurts and I need to find a specialist.

All together now:  Bits of brain!  Bits of brain!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Results Are In!

Yesterday was the cancer center follow up for all these scans and things I have had lately.  Here's the skinny:

1.  No cancer in the brain!  Or as the doctor put it, "You brain is normal," which is the first time in my life anyone has ever said that to me.  If only they knew.  Turns out the brain is an even bigger deal than I thought.  Besdies being, you know, the brain and all.  The doc said that the immunotherapies I am on do not work as well in the brain or spinal column.

2.  On the other hand, the spot on my liver is cancer.  I've now metastasized to two organs.  One more and I have a collection.  I do not want a collection.  At least I do not have to have this one biopsied.

3.  I got the port approved!  I could not get it scheduled until the day before the next treatment due to work, but I am shifting my hours around to better deal with my treatments, so I am going to call and see if I can get it moved up.  I was all prepared to roll up my sleeves and show them my collection (and yes, I have more than enough for a collection) of bruises from the last week.  One of them extends down the back of my hand and around to the palm!  All I had to do was ask, and they said, "Eh.  Why not?  We'll schedule it for you."  That was easy.

4.  I got the clinical trial meds and all the stuff to do the belly shots.  BLAM!  It's these little bitty vials of powder that I have to mix with sterile water every time I do a shot.  I feel like some kind of junkie.  I had the first one this afternoon.  This is the one that is supposed to cause the most serious diarrhea, plus a rash.  So far, no sign of either.  Just a little lightheadedness.  Surprisingly, there are also none of the immune reactions that I was dreading.  (So far, anyway.)

"The Works"
Now, I just have to shoot myself in the belly (BLAM!) every night for the next two weeks, then it will be time for the next infusion.  I guess I'm taking kind of an active role in my own treatment, or something.  It sure beats having to go to the clinic every day for two weeks to get them.

More to come, I am sure.