Monday, September 01, 2014

Happy Labor Day!

I'm on  blog break due to the holiday.  Monday Rambles will appear on Tuesday this week.  No yard sales to speak of this weekend, so instead of a Mazda shot, here's my granny cart shot from the big flea today.  More on the contents tomorrow.

Keith saw this when he came to pick me up and said, "What?  No rocking chair on top?"

In other news, Kosh started helping with the laundry.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


So, I was in this woman's backyard on Saturday, looking at the stuff she had for sale.  Pretty typical for me.  I think she used to have some kind of crafting/scrapbooking store, since there were multiples of many of the kinds of things one would find in a store like that.  Usually that kind of stuff is not my style, but there were a few things I liked, except that they were priced just a tad high for me.  I was contemplating making an offer, when she says:

"There's more in the basement, if you want to look."

Never one to turn down an invite to look at more stuff, I followed her instructions,  walked through the garage, and down into the basement.  One of these days I'm going to do that and never be heard from again.  There was a lot of stuff down there, including some vintage Christmas, but none of it was priced.  I decided I just did not feel like gathering up a bunch of it, hauling up out of the basement, finding out it was too much for me, and then negotiating in the heat.  It was the last stop on the list, and I already had a van full.  I'm also not in a big hurt for stuff right now.  Given all of that, I tend towards leaving everything for the next buyer.  Maybe that makes me a bad junker.  I don't know.

Churches for burning incense

Doves for holding candles
 As I was turning to go, I saw this shelf full of Mexican terra-cotta artwork.  Lots of wonderful pieces, all priced--well-priced at that!  It's like it was put there just for me.  I carefully emptied some other stuff out of a box, then equally carefully put the pieces in it.

When I got back upstairs with the box, she asked me what I had found.  I handed the box to her and simply said:

This isn't all of them.  There were two that would not fit.


She laughed.

Then agreed with me.

And gave me a discount.  

It pays to call it like it is sometimes!

I'm glad I've finally gotten in the habit of bringing paper to wrap purchases with when I go saling. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Eddie M's Finds and Stories

Eddie-tor's Note:  The title of today's post is an homage to a long-running classic comic book.  Anyone know what it is?

Saturday was an interesting day:  Lots of sales.  Lots of finds.  Lots of misses.  And lots of stories.

Keith broke a vase at the first sale we stopped at.  I was absolutely mortified, but the seller took it in stride.  He did pay for it, even though she said he didn't have to.  After we left, I told him we had to review the rules:  "We don't rummage around and break the people's nice things."

I was making quite a pile at this sale, too.  If she had thrown us out, I would have been heartbroken!

Collapsible IKEA storage boxes--NIP!

I bought one of those Rubbermaid-like plastic storage shelves at the next sale.  I always need more shelving, either in the booth or the storage room.  I can never be organized enough it seems.  The seller was being very dramatic about everything he sold.  Big sighs and moans every time someone asked about a price:  "Oh!  Well, I guess that is going to be a dollar!"  He did everything but put his hand to his forehead and swoon.

I went to the first sale I've ever been to run by nuns.  These were plainclothes, modern nuns, not the ones in habits, which would had made it more cool.  I recognized one of them from a job I had about twenty years ago.  It was one of the only estate sales I've ever been at where they had items priced at ten cents.  I nearly died when I got to this one.  There was a huge mass of awesome vintage small furniture that had already been sold in the driveway.  I checked out the prices as I went in the house.  There were vintage metal patio tables marked for seventy-five cents!  I died, I tell you!  That whole mass of furniture cost about ten bucks all together, and there was a ton of it!  I try never to dwell on items that I miss out on, but this batch made it pretty hard.

Still, I did pretty well!

Horrible pic, I know.
 Of course, there would be religious items at a nun-run sale!  I love that green pitcher.

The next sale we hit, had this amazing Hoosier cabinet that had been priced at $25!  Of course, it was already sold.  Must...not...dwell...on it!  This is where I found the mysterious metal pot.

It's heavy and solid.  The sides are a couple of inches thick and the handles are big and round.  It's been spray-painted gold, to boot!  In other words, it is exactly the kind of thing I simply cannot pass up. I'm going to sell it as a planter, but it doesn't have any drainage.  It would look nice on a porch with a fern, though.  The seller said her mother owned it for years, but never knew what it was really for.  Any ideas?

Nancy Drew, Plastic Buddhas, and Itty Bitty Heath Ledger Joker!

We hit a benefit sale for a group called the "Home Birth Coalition."  I had never heard of it before, but they had good stuff.  One mother there was breast-feeding her child while she was shopping.  I've never seen that at a sale before.  I got a bunch of stuff there.

I don't do a lot of stuffed toys, but I do a lot of character toys!
I had to stalk a little girl of about two to get that Snoopy.  She was kind of wandering along and picking up things, carrying them around for a bit, and then dropping them and picking up something else.  You know, like little kids do.  Her mom would sweep in behind her and put whatever she dropped back where it came from.  She dug this awesome Snoopy out of a box of stuffed animals and I had to have it!  Of course, she held on to it longer than anything else!  I was beginning to think I was going to lose out on it, when she saw a doll and down went Snoopy!  Mom swooped in and I was right behind her!  Yes, I know how creepy that sounds.  Yes, I would do it again.  At least, I draw the line at snatching it out of her hand!  I do have standards!

Yes, I know my booth is a white hot mess!
 When we pulled up at this sale, I saw the most awesome thing I had seen all day:  this vintage drafting stand/desk.  I love the little storage cabinet underneath!  I checked it out when we got there, but wasn't sure it would fit in the van.  My routine in this situation is to buy my other items, then check out the van, ask Keith what he thinks, then go buy the large, unwieldy item.

White! Hot! MESS!

So, when I asked Keith, whose words of wisdom I value greatly, he lays this on me:  "You already decided to get it as soon as you saw it.  It doesn't really matter what I have to say."  I'm still deciding whether I'm shocked, hurt, tickled or amazed by this observation.  We had to take several things out and repack the van, but it went in!  You can kind of see how we had to work it in in the Mazda pic.  it was a bit of a struggle, but it was totally worth it!

I (heart) Bybee!
At the very next sale, I was welcomed by a couple sitting on a couch on the porch.  "Let us know when you're ready and we'll get off your couch."  My kind of people!  I didn't get the couch, but I did buy some Bybee pottery for a price that was so good, I had to ask if it was correct.  Then I saw this:

You can kind of see it around the white hot mess.
And I turned to the couple on the couch and said:  "That's not my couch, but that is my table!"  For the first time ever, I had to pay for an item and leave it.  It just would not go in the van with the drafting table.  I'm wondering if this is a trend for the future.

There was one more stop, where I made a great purchase, but that is a story for tomorrow.  I guess that's my sneaky way of drawing you back here tomorrow!  See you!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Super-Freaking-Cute Man!

I totally love finding cute super-hero toys!  Dig these fellas:

Aren't they totally adorable?  I love these dudes!  They're "Super Tots" which were premiums at Sonic a while ago.  I found them at a thrift at the beginning of the year and set them aside with a bunch of other small toys until I felt like pricing smaller stuff.  I bought a storage crate full of action figures and Matchbox cars the other day, so I had a small toy pricing spree.

By the way, if you deal in small toys, keep your eyes out for Beanie Baby storage cubes when you can find them cheaply enough.  They're one of the best ways to make a set of small things I've found.  They can't be busted open like plastic bags and they don't break when dropped like glass jars.  It will add a bit to your expenses, so look for cheap ones and price accordingly!  (I admit that they may not make the best display for your old marbles or vintage buttons, but they are dandy for little plastic army dudes!)

Anyway, these guys popped to the top of the pile and called out to be photographed and blogged.  I thought I had a Wonder Woman as well, but I didn't find her.  I did find Hawkwoman:

Say it with me:  Too. Freaking. Cute.

If I don't have a Wonder Woman floating around somewhere, I really, really want one.  And a Batman.  Those two would not only totally rock, they'd be total keepers. At least for a little while.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Rambles

Welcome back to my life, as it was lived last week.  Yard sale tales and pics start on Wednesday.  I decided that they really deserved a post of their own, rather than being crammed in here.  There should be posts every day this week, in fact.  I hope you'll stop back.

We do have an important bit of business to deal with first, however.  The identification!  I got a lot of interesting responses to my request for information about this:


I put it up on Sir Thrift-A-Lot's Thriftasaurus party, hoping it would get some response.  I don't often join link parties, because my aesthetic is so different from other junk bloggers, but Sir-Thrift-A-Lot shares my love of pop culture from the past, so I felt he would be a good place to go. 

I picked up a few new readers from the link-up, which is always nice.  Welcome!  I also got a response from the good Sir himself!  Whee!  It turns out that he took it upon himself to research this little baby and found a similar item on eBay, which also contains key info that mine lacks, namely the words "Happy Birthday!"

Now to be fair, the ever-wonderful Shara suggested that idea in an email to me first, but the noble Sir is the one who confirmed it with evidence!  Thanks so much to everyone who added info and guesses to the quest.  I, myself, am a little heart-broken that it's not belly buttons, mainly because I get all sorts of odd ideas about how one could "enjoy" a belly button.

This does lead to a new mystery:  why doesn't mine actually use the word "birthday"?  I am guessing that it may have been a part of the packaging that has long since been lost.  Vintage finds, you are so enthralling, yet enigmatic!

Last night, I broke last month's sales record, so no matter what I do this week, I'll have a record month for the third month in a row!  Not even the fair slowed me down!  Good thing I found some good stuff over the weekend. 

I put my fall/harvest-themed items out last week, and they have already begun selling.  I don't really have that many, just a shelf or tow.  It's kind of a lead-in to Halloween for me.  The first Halloween load goes out next week and should all be out by mid-September.  I'll also be putting out a shelf of (gulp!) Christmas this week. Actually, it's already out.  I'm just going to move it to a more prominent place. 

I leave a bunch of Xmas dishes, especially Santa Coke glasses, out all year on a bottom shelf.  They'll sell bit by bit through the year and keep an out-of-the way shelf looking full.  I'm going to move them up a bit, so that I can begin adding to them a little at a time for a while.  I have enough space now that a little corner of Christmas won't distract from everything else. 

It pays to think like a retailer at this time of the year.  As people's minds turn to gift-giving, they often turn away from secondhand shopping venues, especially the true flea markets.  Stacks and stashes of decor items drive my sales from October through December.  That, plus new, unopened items, will keep me hopping this holiday season.  I want to keep my sales streak alive.

Today starts a new session at work.  I'm not totally sure what I am supposed to be doing.  The boss hinted at changes, but didn't really elaborate.  I'm heading in early to see what's up.  Friday is my next follow-up scan at the cancer center.  I'll get the results next Tuesday.  This week marks one year since my treatment ended.  I'm going to try to go to Goodwill in celebration!  This weekend is the big flea.  Labor Day is one of the twice a year antique wings out there, so I'll head out there on Monday to hunt for bargains.  Lots of dealers will have dollar tables on the last day.

Over the first two weekends in September, there are two different community sales in two nearby parks. I am debating setting up to sell in at least one of them.  It will depend on whether I can get anything pulled out of the shed and priced or not.  I do need to get back in there and work some more.  The next junk set out is coming up in mid-October.  I need to purge, so I can scrounge.  I'd like to do one more yard sale at the house, but I am running out of time for that.

I'm tentatively committed to crawling the Highway 60 yard sale in October.  There are several highway/route yard sales that crisscross Kentucky, including the mega Highway 127 sale that cuts through part of the state.  I tend to prefer the ones the begin and end here, like the 60 sale, especially when they cross through the part of the state I from whence I hail. 

I found out that there is even a sale that cuts through my old hometown.  Of course, I found that out two weeks after it happened this year, so it's on the list for next year.  I may even combine that sale with the graveside visit.  My mother would appreciate that.

I've rambled a lot today, huh? 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

What's in Mazda?

Yesterday was wooo-eeeee awesome!  I made it to every sale on my list (which doesn't always happen) and found treasure at nearly every sale.  Take a look at Mazda:

I love Mazda!
And that's not all of it! We had to go back to one house after we unloaded to pick up a cool work table that just wouldn't fit in this load.  It was an awesome day of finds and experiences.  I'll talk more about a couple of the experiences tomorrow and show some of the smalls on Tuesday and Wednesday.

In the meantime, here's a peek at some of the stuff:

A box of terra-cotta artwork

The little caption on this pic reads "Saved."  I love it!

Mysterious heavy metal pot

I'll have a better shot of this later in the week.