Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Rambles

Oh my!  Where to begin?  Is it another week already?  Why, yes.  Yes, it is!  Ugh!

My main stressor from these past couple of weeks is still hanging out there, like some kind of Sowrd of Damocles waiting to smash down on my cute little head.  It has receded a bit, though, so it's not quite so pressing and threatening.  It's not ruiung my present right now, even though it's still threatening to make a mess in the future.  I've got a little more prep time before that hits, so it might not be as bad.  I still can't talk about it in detail, because others are involved and I don't yet have their okay.  I'd certainly appreciate your thoughts and support in the days ahead.  I'll spill the beans when I can.

I spent Friday in an all day training for work that actually turned out to be more useful than I thought it would be.  Of course, putting it into practice will be a lot more difficult than it seemed in the sanitary training environment.  Things get so much messier when you involve real people.

I worked at the booth all day on Saturday, so no sales to report.  I think this weekend will be a work on the house weekend, so most likely no yard sales then either, although I will probably hit a few in the neighborhood.

My sales at the booth did slow down a tad when the double whammy of school and the fair hit, but not nearly as badly as in the past.  In fact, I am running way ahead of even the past couple of months!  This could be another record month, unless things bottom out in the last half of the month.  Even if that happens, I'll still have a good month, thanks to the strong first half.

Posts will most likely be light this week.  There's just too much going on at the booth and work. I may sneak a photo post in, if I can.

My query from yesterday still stands.  Anyone who can tell me what that thing is on about will be deemed by me as a wise person for the ages.  However if we never figure it out, my favorite answers so far are Pat ('homocidal tendencies") and Lynn ("belly buttons").  Lynn actually had the same idea I did!

Happy belated birthday to Shara, who celebrated with a couple of celebrities and, um, a dead person!    

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Universal Pick Me Up

No matter what is going on. 

No matter what is going wrong. 

There's always one sure antidote:

Cat videos!

The universal pick me up!

Check out Cole and Marmalade on YouTube and Facebook.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


To make up for yesterday's downer post, here are some things that made me happy yesterday.

Fun Sea Horses!

This one's for Laurie!

A Hulk Head Basket!

Works for Halloween or Easter!

A Cute Thor Pillow!

Thor Pillow, Not Throw Pillow!

A Little Rickshaw Scene!

I especially love the guy trailing behind.

A Fabulous Holy Water Font!

Seriously.  Look at that face!

These Fun Casper Toys!


It's not all bad!  It's just that the stressors are coming on a bit strong right now.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Rambles

This will be a short one, as I'm running way late this morning.  I got really sick last night with what I think was food poisoning and Keith thinks was just a bad upset stomach.  I've never had an upset tummy that made me sweat profusely and feel like I was passing out before.  Worst nausea since chemo.

I seem to be better now.  I slept a little later than normal, but I'm going to head into work.  Not the best start to a week,

In fact, it's more like the continuation of last week, which was a pretty sucky week all together.  It was kind of just one minor irritation piled on top of another all week long, each one complicating the last one, over and over.  And in the midst of it all was a large, major complication that forced me to make some decisions I did not want to make at all.  I can't really talk about any of it yet, but I anticipate that there will be a long post about some of it in the future, because there is a MAJOR change looming, one that I am not the least bit happy about right now.

The only real bright spot was my sales for the week, which stayed consistently high.  Very high, in fact.  I've already made rent, in a record nine days.  Woo hoo!  Now, even if school and the fair both starting on Wednesday do deliver a blow to my sales, it won't be crushing.  Unless it's goose egg city from here to the 31st, I'll be okay this month.

Even the yard sales were dreary on Saturday.  It rained on and off all day, so we went to two indoor sales and a porch sale.  The Mazda shot almost isn't worth showing.

Don't be fooled by that big tub on the right.  It's totally empty!

Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer today.  I've got to get ready for work.  Posting will be uncertain this week, but I'll try to update stuff on Facebook as I can.