Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday Rambles

All right folks, I guess it's time to crawl back up in the saddle.  I've gotten several sweet notes recently from many of you, so I need to let you know that I'm all right, for the most part.  Thanks so much for your concern, everyone.  I'm sorry to have made you worry.

I came back from Thanksgiving with a nasty cold, which has really only cleared up in the last three or four days.  I don't understand how I can be doing all these immune-boosting drugs and still get a cold, but I managed it.  That really slowed me down for a while, as I was only venturing out to do what had to be done, then coming home to my NyQuil coma.

The cold was bad enough, but I've also been going through some really hard bouts of fatigue.  This isn't at all like the bricks.  I could function with the bricks, albeit very slowly.  I'm going through periods now where I have no energy whatsoever.  Sometimes, I'll be in the middle of something and will just run out of steam all of a sudden.  Sometimes, I'm down for the count, but usually I can recover if I sit down for a while.  I kept getting swamped this way all through our visit to Arkansas. I spent most of the trip sleeping on one couch or another.

I'm also having these dizzy spells all the time.  Mostly, it's just a constant light-headed feeling. What my grandmother used to call "swimmy-headed."  I can deal with that, but sometimes it's really head-spinning dizzy, often with queasiness.

I have yet to have any of the digestive/intestinal issues, which concerns me a little.  These effects have been talked up so much that I am actually worried that the treatment isn't working because I don't have them.  I know that sounds really weird, but it kind of nags at me.  The other night I told Keith that I would feel so much better if I would throw up just one time.  That look you all most likely have right now after reading that is exactly the same one he gave me.

The booths are running okay, but I am behind on what I wanted to have dome this month.  I keep making plans like a healthy person, forgetting that it takes me twice as long to do everything right now.  I do have most of my Christmas out, and it is selling steadily.  I am almost at my sales total for last December, and I still have half the month to go! One thing I've been happy about is that I've kept my four digit sales total going, despite the diagnosis and everything.

The new store is doing a lot better too.  I made rent this month faster than I have before, which is a good sign.  My Christmas is grooving there as well.  My biggest problem there right now is getting it together to go work that booth.  The other store demands more time because it's a lot more space.  Everything would still be doable if I were operating at full steam.  As it is, I'm having to constantly reschedule store #2 in order to finish up the work for store #1.  All of a sudden, two-three weeks have gone by and I haven't been over there.  That's no way to grow a booth.

I've had to cut way back on my work hours,  I am down to five hours a week, which has bummed me out a bit. I really miss everyone there.  Some people I don't get to see at all ,because my hours are all in the evening now and they're gone by the time I get there.  This is really a life-altering thing. I'm not totally sure that I was fully aware of everything I was slogging through last time.  I have no idea how I kept going.  I have to stop by work this morning and drop something off.  It will be nice to visit a bit.

A long-time vendor has also been battling cancer.  It's been an on-again,off-again fight for years, and it just came back this year.  He's just been told that there may not be anything else they can do about it.  At the same time, a friend where I used to work just lost her husband to cancer.  When I left there four years ago, he was in remission and doing fine.  It's all done such a number on my head.  I don't know where I am emotionally sometimes.  I've had long talks about it with my brother and with Keith.  Some days I am fine,  while others I can't string a coherent thought together.

I had a lot of plans for blogging this December, but I think I'm going to put them on hold for next year.  Some days I really want to, but the words just aren't there.  Other times, the words are there, but the energy isn't.  Hell, even reading takes too much effort some days.  Been watching a lot of cartoons on YouTube instead.  Some things even cancer can't take away.

I was afraid that this post would go downhill fast.  Sorry about that.  If it's all too much of a downer, you don't have to finish it.  I realize that my depression is also coming on hard and fast right now.

Treatment number three is tomorrow.  A week from today, we are leaving for Chicago.  By the end of next week, we'll be married!  Come hell, high water, or cancer, we are getting married. I don't care if I am in a wheel chair.

I'll try to get some pics from Thanksgiving up this week, plus some more overdue junk finds.  It's going to depend on how I feel.  Here lately, when I start tiring, I start lopping things off the to do list.  Taking pics for the blog is always one of the first to go.  Sorry about that.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Grateful Updates

Hello from Arkansas!  We arrived yesterday afternoon after seemingly endless miles of road construction.  Seriously, everywhere!

Today we're eating with Keith's mom and visiting some of the family.  Tomorrow, we'll visit some more of the family and eat some more.  Maybe we'll do some shopping too.  Saturday, we say good-bye and head back home to Chiquito.  The cat sitter says he's doing fine, but we miss the little booger.

I hope you all feast well and visit well and travel safely!  Enjoy today and remember how thankful I am to have each of you in my life!

Hugs all around!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Louisville is home to a giant cave system, with the most fascinating story.  I'll let you all read the details at the link, rather than summarizing it here.  I've always thought the whole deal was way cool.

There's a lot that goes on there, including underground zip lines and an underground BMX park that is in the planning stages.  During the holiday season, it becomes the home for Lights Under Louisville.

I've been wanting to go for several years, but always balked at the admission price, which is pretty steep in my book.  This year, Keith found a Groupon, so we set off to celebrate my port on Monday night.

It was a lot of fun.  Going on a weekday night meant that there was no traffic to speak of, so it flat like we were getting a private tour. Many of the displays are quite clever.  The first batch is a tribute to local sights and events, including a dump truck and bulldozer to commemorate all the road construction that we're going to be experiencing for the next several years!

This would have been appropriate for last week!

Santa riding down a pyramid.

I wish the dreidl was spinning!

My hometown.

I wanna live here!

5 Gold Rings, Baby!

I loved the 12 Days of Christams displays!

This one was our favorite.

It's under Louisville.  Who knew?
Well worth the (Groupon) price.  Still not sure about the regular rate.  At that price, I expect Brad Pitt to come drive the car through for us.  Still, lotsa fun.

What fun holiday stuff do they do in your area?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I got it!

My favorite part about these little hospital sojourns is the drugs.  Really.

They told me that I was going to be getting a "Purple Power Port."  Seriously.  Ever since it went in, I've been shouting "Purple Power Port Engage!"  in hopes of transforming into some sort of gigantic, mechanical dinosaur, but nothing so far.  I think I'm not doing something right with my hands.  When it heals more, I'm going to try smacking the port and shouting.  That seems to work for the Power Rangers.

I also got to wear a styling hat.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday Rambles

Subtitle this one as one of the following:

A)  Exhausted Monday Rambles


B) Medical Monday Rambles

There's a whole lot of both going on in here today.

I've spent most of the last three days working on booths, trying to get caught up and ready for Christmas.  All of my Christmas stuff was in the very back corner of my storage room, so I had to move a ton of shit to get to it all.  Then, I had to tidy and clean all my spots.  Then I had to assemble the trees.  Then I had to re-tidy everything because people kept coming through and messing things up.  Then I had to put it all out.  Along the way, I also closed one spot at the new store and moved everything out of it.  Plus, I finally got all the Halloween packed up and put away.  (I am so ashamed.  It's never been out for this long before.  I look like a rank amateur.)

But finally it's done.

This is just a part of the second store.  I was too tired to take any more pics when we got through yesterday.  I totally forgot to take pics at the other place.  Sigh.

In the middle of all this work, I had one of those moments that only seem to happen when I have made plans for an item.  The desk I was planning to put my trees on sold.  No problem.  I just put another desk in its place.  Then that desk sold.  (Two desks in two days!  Why can't this happen all the time?)  Problem.  Got no other desk or large flat surface to use foe those trees and they're table top size, so they can't go on the floor.  Had to do a quick run through the mall looking for another cheap desk.  Found a nice one for eight bucks and was back in business.

I did find time on Saturday to attend the "Cavalcade of Comics" put on by the Derby City Comicon.  A huge room full of cheap comics!  I was in a wee bit of heaven.  I got another huge batch to sell and a few (well more than a few) for me too.  I've got some winter reading!

We spent most of last week (during the cold, snowy days) with no heat.  The igniter on the furnace went out.  While the dude was fixing that, he found that our flue pipe was rusted all the way through, meaning we were in danger of carbon monoxide.  Everything is taken care of and we're all toasty again.  Chiquito was enjoying the electric blanket we were leaving on all day for him.  I think he might be missing it just a bit.

I go get my port today!  Yay!  No eating this morning.  Boo!  Not even coffee!  Double boo!  They'll have to give me an IV for the procedure, which means that the thing I am having done to avoid the crappy vein ordeal will require me to have one more crappy vein ordeal.  The irony.  It burns.  Oh, wait.  That's the crappy vein ordeal.

I have my next treatment tomorrow.  I do my last belly shot (BLAM!) for this cycle tonight.  I get a week off from those, which is good, since we are leaving for Arkansas as soon as I get up from the chair, and I didn't want to lug all that stuff with me.  Still have to do laundry and pack tonight.

I am kind of adamant about this  trip.  Keith is worried about me having side effects, but we need to see his mother.  She's getting pretty old now and this is the only time we get to visit.  I know he won't go if I don't, so I am going to soldier through (if that's what it takes).  It's important to me that he sees her right now.  I can rest in the hotel, if need be.

Keith got a makeover for the trip:

I'll set some silly little posts up before I go, then do some kind of update from the road on Thursday or Friday.  Hope everyone has a wonderful, wonderful holiday and feast!