Friday, October 12, 2007

Theory: Low Content Mode is better than No Content Mode.

Corollary: When you don’t contribute that much to whatever sense of collective exchange the blogosphere-thingy is supposed to foster, then it doesn’t matter what you post.

Related Axiom: Sometimes, it’s good to do stuff for your own purposes, even if no one else really understands it.

In other words, thanks for your indulgence of my YouTube abuse this week. I feel better now. And, so far, the only casualty seems to be Roger’s respect for me, which I’m hoping got a bit of a boost from some music recommendations I made for him.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I admire folks like Mike, Roger, Kevin and Bully, who can consistently put out such amazing content day after day in their blogs. I’m just not made of that kind of stuff.

Some updates from my last pissy post:

The never-ending work project might actually be wrapping up. At least for now. I haven’t done any new drafts since number 13, several days ago. The presentations are nearly planned, and the powers that be are talking about what I’ll be working on next.

The interview was for the wrong position at the wrong time. I think I’ll be staying put for now and hoping that isn’t a mistake.

The surprise return thing at work turned out okay, with no major catastrophes. Several people told me that it was obvious I hadn’t worked done a lot of major work on the project, because it lacked the little touches my stuff usually has—the kinds of things you don’t notice when they’re there but that make the whole thing work so smoothly that you notice when they’re not. It’s nice to know my work is appreciated.

Collectively, we made 500 dollars at the yard sale. Our friend Sharron was top dog with 150. Keith and I were next with 90, which went up to 124 when we made a run to Half-Price Books with the leftover books and CD’s. All told we sold probably 75% of the stuff that was in the yard when we started, which is a pretty good sell through, considering the place was PACKED! Keith and I only brought four things back home, which thrills me to no end. I did spend 23 dollars at the sale buying other people’s stuff, but it was worth it. I got a two-albums-in-one Smurf hardcover book, every CD from the Donnas that I didn’t have, a couple of sweaters, some containers for Christmas goodies, an old Nativity set, and a bizarre cow-pig thing that I’m going to give to my mother.

Every year, I take my camera, and end up being too busy to take pics. This year was no exception. Sigh!

Fall has finally fallen here, thank god! It was still in the 90’s last week. Ugh! Today, I wore a jacket for the first time, which is awesome!

We’re going camping this weekend, so I’ll be offline until Sunday evening.

Hopefully to come: a couple more yard sale stories from the summer, a couple of concert reviews, and some other stuff.

The Library book sale is in two weeks!
Yay! It’s one of my favorite sales of the year. For the past couple of years, I’ve found several graphic novels there—some of them brand new, non-circulated, with no library markings on them. And they’ve dropped their prices some this year. Should be fun!

And one last bit of YouTubery--John Eddie:

Monday, October 08, 2007

Look! No real content! Wheeee!

Actually, this is Bully's fault. After watching the Julie Brown video in this post, I ended up doing some stream of consciousness searching on the old YouTube, resulting in this excessively self-indulgent bit of blog abuse. You have been warned.

Belinda Carlisle

Leads to Go-Gos doing the Ramones.

Leads to Kasey Chambers because there is no music post without some Americana content in these parts.

Leads to Tracey Ullman doing a song I find myself humming at all kinds of odd moments.

Leads to one of the wilder kd lang moments. I remember watching this performance with the first guy I was ever head-over-heels in love with. He didn't get it or her. I should have taken that as a sign.

Leads to my favorite lesbian folksinger Phranc singing about her favorite lesbian tennis star. The second guy I was ever head-over-heels in love with introduced me to Phranc. He talked me into buying one of her albums (Folksinger) on the spontaneous, wildly romantic adventure we took to Chicago, which oddly enough spelled the end for our relationship.

Leads back to Julie Brown. (Hi, Bully!)

Leads to the Runaways.

Leads to the Divinyls doing that song.

Leads to the Indigo Girls, a group that I introduced to the man I've been head-over-heels in love with for the past fifteen or so years. Now, I'm wondering why it's the lesbian acts that are my relationship benchmarks. You all should be glad I resisted the urge to go for the overwrought, over-blown Melissa Etheridge stuff that I used to get over guy #1.

Leads to Shivaree.

Leads to Rilo Kiley like the talking leads to touching. Soon there is no mystery left and we're all just portions for foxes.

Leads to the Ditty Bops.

Leads to Corday (and something for the super-hero fans)

And ends up with Sam Phillips, which is where I usually end up when I'm in a mood like this.

And with that, Good Night!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Life Stinks and So Do I... blogging, that is. At least right now.

I've been saddled with one of those work projects that in theory should be really simple and should have been wrapped up weeks ago, but in reality drones on and on endlessly as the people I'm submitting the work to keep changing their minds on what they want. This morning I turned in Draft 11 and this afternoon, Draft 12. Yet despite their inability to finalize anything, they want me to schedule roll out meetings and create the presentations for said meetings. The scheduling part is easy, but it's really difficult to out together a presentation about something that isn't finalized yet!

The whole thing is really getting me down and sucking the life right out of me.

I have another interview next week, but I've had so many this year that haven't panned out that I don't have much hope at all for this one.

And then, something that I thought I had gotten out from under at work popped back up in my life with a vengeance and I haven't been able to give it enough attention, which is going to make next week really difficult for me.

And since no one wants to read about me droning on about shit like this, it's probably for the better that I'm just coming home and vegging out on the couch, instead of trying to blog.

On the bright side, our yard sale is this weekend. If you're in the Louisville area, drop by. We've got tons of cool stuff. I'll try to get some pictures.

Oh yeah, and I got linked by the fine folks at Yard Sale Bloodbath, which totally made my day!

More later when I can write without whining.