Sunday, November 20, 2005

My Father Still Gets Mail

When Dad went in the hospital, we started having his mail forwarded to me, so that we could take care of things that might come up. Since I'm now the "Estate of Carl Mitchell," I get some official stuff from time to time, usually Medicare statements. Everything else has tapered off, except for the odd piece of junk mail, some of which is unintentionally quite funny.

Since dad is a vet, this one is not too off the wall. I've written them a couple of times trying to get it to stop, though:

This one came from his former bank, several months after we reported his death and closed the account It's one of those things that happens in large corporations, where one department doesn't talk to another.

It gets a little bit sillier when you see this notice on the envelope:

And even better, when you see the contents. I think his bank is inviting us to commit insurance fraud. It does say he cannot be turned down, after all....

Speaking of insurance, Nationwide seems to think he might be a good auto insurance risk. I guess they're figuring he's not in too much of a hurry to get anywhere these days.

Finally, there's this bit of techno junk mail. I'm not sure they have the kind of connection needed for him to get online.

I guess it's a good sign that looking at stuff like this doesn't upset me any more. I'd like to think Dad would have gotten a kick out of it, too.

Guess Who Got a Scanner for His Birthday?

Once again, it's been a while...for the usual reasons...yadda, yadda, yadda.... More on that later.
I have a training this week that will keep me out of the office from Mon-Wed. Thurs and Fri, I'm off, and the training picks up for the next Mon and Tues, so I'll probably have a little more time and attention span for blogging. I hope.

Anyway, I hit the big 41 a couple weeks ago, and Keith got me a scanner. I knew about it already, because I was with him when he bought it, but I held off on using it until it was an "official" gift.

I've been storing up bits and pieces for a while now, waiting for the time when I would have a scanner, so I figured I'd share one of them right now.

I found this odd little tidbit lying on a counter at the post office. It hits just the right religious looniness button for me to find it irresistable. I just wish I could make out the face with the horns in the satanic smoke. I know it's got to be a current US political figure, but who? It's not W; that much I can tell, but it's obscured enough by the cross-hatching that I can't make it out. Any ideas?