Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Could it be...SATAN?

Who's disrupting my blogging plans for this week? Could it be...?

The jury's still out on the answer, but things have gone all to hell on this end of the blog, yet again. I'll explain more later, but in the meantime, enjoy a taste of Mike's latest graphic meme-thingie.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Some quickies:

1. As of this past Saturday, I had not been on a bike since I was in college. Since Sunday, I've not only been on one again, I've ridden about six miles--most of it last night.

2. Roger, I've answered most of your questions. I just need to look a couple of things up to make sure I'm remembering them right. I should post them in the next couple of days.

3. Other posts rolling sround in my head: my comic shop's anniversary, yard sales, the garden, some music notes.

4. Two weeks later, and I'm still in my old office.

5. Days of Our Lives has been particularly good lately.

6. Recent CD acquisitions: Hoots and Hellmouth, Patrick Wolf, and Feist.

7. Kentucky Music Weekend is this weekend!

8. I've got some links to add to the sidebar, as soon as I get the chance.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I've given up for the moment

I've temporarily abandoned the fight to get the Twitter flash badge to look right on my sidebar. Instead, I'm using a modified version of the Blogger badge, which I really don't care for. I'll wrestle with it more this weekend, while I'm catsitting. I'll have time to mess with it then.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's been a really yucky day....

So, yesterday, the person who is coordinating the completely arbitrary and needlessly complex office moving for our department told me in no uncertain terms that I would be moving out of my office first thing this morning.

My new office--much smaller, with no storage, and no bathroom--is across the hall from my current one. The new one had just been painted, and I was told to "be ready to move." (Along with a few tacky comments about how trashy my office looks and how that better not happen in the new one. Gee, thanks, mom. Do you think that might be because my office is FULL OF BOXES because I'M SUPPOSED TO BE MOVING and YOU were the one who told everyone OVER A MONTH AGO to be ready to move because it was going to happen ANY DAY NOW??)

So I went in over an hour early and moved everything from my current office to my new digs, except for the furniture. I figured that if I got the jump on moving and the guy who was supposed to move my furniture showed up "first thing" as announced, then I could get everything set up and be back to work by 10:30 or so and not lose a lot of valuable work time.

Alas, first thing in the morning came and went, and finally at about 9:30, the move coordinator showed up and announced that she had an "epitome" last night* and no one was to move today. The painters, who were waiting for me and a few other people to move to new spaces, were to "paint around people."

So I spent the rest of the day in my current office with all the furniture piled up in a tight clump watching the paint dry, that is when I wasn't retrieving all my other stuff from across the hall.

That's what I get for thinking these days. Honestly, I'm starting to feel like the "Novocaine Mutiny" episode of MASH. That's the one that gives us this famous quote from BJ:

On the very first day, Frank observed that the M in MASH stood for Mobile. So, he had us break down the entire unit and move it across the road.
He's referring to some really bad leadership decisions made by Frank Burns during a stint as CO for the unit. Everything he's describing is what I'm going through now. The spirit of Frank Burns lives at our agency!

So, I come home, get online and through the wonders of the Comics Weblog Update Thingie, find this post from Occasional Superheroine, and say: "Just what I need, an entertaining, relaxing internet survey thingie. This should be fun."

Then I take the quiz, and this is the result:

There are no words.
Which Annoying B-list Celebrity Are You?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey.

It really has been a crappy day!

*No, I'm not kidding. She said "epitome." This is what I'm dealing with these days.


So I got me one of them there Twitter thingies, which is proving highly useful for blowing off steam. But I can't seem to get the badge to embed correctly in my blog. Right now, it's stuck at the bottom, where it's also pulled the rest of my sidebar with it. Any tips on how to right this layout boo-boo?

Monday, July 09, 2007

Lightning Doesn't Always Strike Twice, You Know!

Okay, so it's lunchtime and I'm walking past the antique store again, and--lo and behold!--there's another box of comics sitting out front. This time the sign says they're a buck each.

Since I had some money left from the weekend, I stopped to take a look. (Like I would have just walked by even if I were broke!) This time it's a bunch of Archies from the late seventies andearly eighties, plus a ton of older Cracked magazines. Nothing that I'm the least bit interested in, unfortunately. My Cracked days are long behind me and I ditched most of my Archies from that era a while ago.

While I was looking the owner popped out again. "Ain't you the one that bought all them other comics?"

Me: "Yeah."

Owner: "Well, you're gonna buy all these too, ain't you?"

It's not easy to break an old man's heart, you know. I was as gentle as I knew how to be, even though I kind of felt like I had walked into a baited trap. Oh well....

On the other hand, I got a phone call late this afternoon about a batch of Treasure Chests that I was trying to buy from an estate sale.

It was actually at an old book bindery. The man who owned it had died at 97, and his family was selling the contents in preparation to sell the building. The place was just overflowing with all kinds of antique books, and TONS of other ephemera, including a stack of about 20 issues of Treasure Chest from the mid-50's.

They had their first estate sale week before last, and. of course, I had to go check the place out. I really wanted the Treasure Chests, but they were way more than I could afford. Last weekend, they opened the place up again and discounted everything that hadn't sold, including the comics. Unfortunately, they were still more than I could afford to pay for them.

Since none of them had sold, I decided nothing ventured meant nothing gained, so I made an offer on the lot. The woman coordinating the sale felt it was too low given that they had just marked them down, but she took my name and number, and said she'd call me after the sale was over and let me have whatever might be left at my price.

Well, I got the call today. Most of the lot was still there, so I'm going to pick them up tomorrow.

Once again, that'll pretty much wipe out my weekend yard sale dollars, but since I'm supposed to be cat-sitting this weekend, I probably wasn't going to get out to many anyway.

And a final note about buying comics: My LCS is going to be giving stuff away to celebrate its 30th anniversary!

From their email:


To Commemorate our doing business in Louisville for
30 Years, from 9am - 7pm, rain or shine, our parking lot
Will be filled with CDs, LPs, VHS, Toys, Books, Cassettes,
Posters and so much more!!
All for YOU to shop through and choose 5 items to take
ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! (No purchase required!)

To add to the excitement, you'll get 30% off all merchandise in the store -
not just Saturday, but also Friday and Sunday (July 20, 21, and 22), and daily
drawings for gift certificates, merchandise and T-Shirts.
Woo hoo!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Do the Riverdance Rap!

I don't care if everyone else in the world saw it two months ago! I'm old, cranky, and out of touch. And I thought it was cute! So there!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Hello insomnia, my old friend!

Please accept my apologies for the long period of what Mike would call "low content mode." It's probably better than "no content mode," which is something I'm really good at. I just needed to blow off some steam about some things that have been frustrating me lately, but without being too specific about what they are, at least for the time being.

My hope is to be able to explain that "yellow" thing one day soon, but for the moment, just know that it, along with the talented cats, and the drag Wonder Women are what's been keeping me sane for the past few days. I appreciate your indulgence and promise a return to somewhat real content this week.

In the meantime, biggest, bestest, happiest sixth birthday wishes ever to the best stuffed little bull blogger the interwebs have ever seen!