Sunday, January 31, 2016

What's in Mazda?

It was a lovely day yesterday.  There were even a couple of sales.

Therefore, I proudly present: 


Ignore the propane tank.  That's Keith's.  Also, the white wad of bags beside the tank is bound for recycling.

So, what do you see in Mazda?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Music for MLK Day

Taht one would have been Saturday's Retro Y'all, but I kind of forgot to post it.  I'm a little out of practice.  heh.

Not the best quality on this one, but it was either this version or someone's shakycam concert footage.

I had no idea there was an official music video for that one.  I was going to use a Farm Aid concert clip until I found it.  Wow.

There will be a ramble tomorrow.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Have you seen me?


Have you seen me?

I think I'm lost.  At least, I haven't been heard from in a while!

I'm not sure when or where I was last seen, but if you have any information about my whereabouts, please let Chiquito know.

Seriously, I've been away for a while, which was largely unplanned.  Partly, I've just gotten way behind and a little overwhelmed.  Partly, it's a touch of the winter blahs.  Partly (mostly), it's just me being a little lazy.  Partly, it's yet another head cold.  Mainly, it's me being a bad blogger.

Overall, I am fine, just out of touch.  I understand some of you all have been worried about the lack of blogs and I am really, really sorry for that.  I never meant to make anyone worry!  Please, please accept my apologies for that.  Really.

I'm planning on getting back into the swing of things next week.

Have a good weekend.  Stay well.  Stay warm.

Don't worry.  I'm all right.