Monday, October 06, 2008

Keith and Eddie's Excellent Yard Sale Adventues!

Narrator*: It all started last week, when Keith came home from camping.

Keith: Hey! They're having a yard sale on Highway 60 next weekend.

Eddie: Really? I didn't know they did that.

K: Yeah. I saw the signs on the way back.

N: So Eddie hopped on the internet a few days later to check it out.

Hmmmm....175 counties....sounds like fun to me!

N: And so, a few days later...

E: Honey, why don't we do the Highway 60 Sale this weekend? We can just go until we're tired and turn around and come home.

K: Okay.

E: Really?

K: Yep. I'm game.

N: The counter-proposal** came the day before they left.

Honey, what would you think abut making an over-night out of it?

E: What do you mean?

K: Go until we're tired, find a place to camp, and spend the night, then come home on Sunday and hit some more sales.

E: Do we have enough time to get everything ready?

K: It's already ready. I haven't put the camping stuff away yet.***

E: What about food?

K: We'll get some stuff tonight and take it with us.

E: Okay.

K: Really?

E: Sure. Sounds like fun.

N: And so the next day, the boys loaded up the car and set out west looking for bargains.

More to come!

*This works best if you imagine the narrator sounding like Waylon Jennings, a la Dukes of Hazzard. Waylon frequently makes guest appearances from beyond to narrate our trips.

**There's always a counter-proposal. And sometimes a counter-counter-propsal!

***Truth is, in the summer the camping stuff never gets put away!


Matthew Cox said...

That must be the largest or at least longest Yard sale. Camping and Yard sale-ing, what a great combination! Be sure to try a free online garage sale.

Great Blog!!

EM said...

Hey Matthew!

Thanks for stopping by. You're the first new visitor/commenter I've had in a while. Feel free to drop by any time.

Actually, the Highway 127 Sale, which happens in August and goes through 4 states is quite a bit longer than this one. Doing the 127 is one of my goals for the future. This was good practice and a lot of fun!

I'll have to check out that other link. Thanks for sharin.

Anonymous said...

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