Wednesday, October 15, 2003


Where's LCR?

I've always been amazed at the lengths the Log Cabin Republicans will go in order to justifiy to themselves and others that the Republican Party really is good for gays and lesbians. It seems that no logic is too twisted for them.

So I am amazed that there has been no public comment from them on Bush's declaration of support for "Marriage Protection Week," which is happening even as I type. I mean they did manage to speak out when Bush expressed active support for a constitutional amendment to ban same gender marriage. Of course, their key point was for Bush to look to Cheney as a role model on the issue. One of Bush's problems is that he looks to Cheney as a role model waaay too often! And they're making way too much out of a three year old comment of Cheney's that, as far as I know, he's neither repeated nor taken any action to back up.

Beyond that, they never have taken Bush to task for publicly speaking out in support of an amendment that would codify discrimination against an entire act of people. When something becomes an amendment, it's the law of the land. The amendment to outlaw same sex marriage would be the first time the constitution has been amended for discriminatory purposes, a fact the Log Cabin doesn't seem to notice as it holds up Cheney as a role model. (If he's such a role model, why hasn't he spoken out against this Marriage Protection Week stuff?)

Truth is, Bush's rating with the hard-core right wing is slipping. He's "not conservative enough" for them. So to make up, he's throwing LGBT people to the wolves, in time-honored GOP fashion.

Marriage Protection Week is a full on right wing week of lobbying to push for this amendment. And Bush has endorsed it! In fact, he issued a proclamation about it! The man who said he didn't want to publicize people's private lives when he refused to issue a Gay Pride Proclamation has issued a proclamation aimed at tearing people's private lives apart!

And not a peep out of the Log Cabin Republicans. Maybe they've finally realized that they've been walking around with GOP knives in their backs for years. Maybe they've realized how futile it is to even try and justify this action. Maybe they've finally been thrown something that they can't process through their mental gymnastics. Who knows? Because they've said not one word.

Let me say that again. Not. One. Word. So much for "Inclusion wins."

Ever since the news broke, I've been going to the LCR web page looking for a statement every few days. This week (Marriage Protection Week, remember) I've gone every single day. No response. None. Someone please tell me what this group's purpose is, if they're not going to take an active, vocal advocacy role in the party they claim they're trying to change?

So I'm starting my own private little LCR-watch tonight. I'm going to keep checking in on LCR until they respond. From time to time, I'll post an update here. This is LCR-watch day one.

I emailed them a few days ago and got no response. I'm going to send them a link to this post. Someone's got to hold these folks accountable for their lack of action. I guess I'm going to give it a try.


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