Friday, June 17, 2005

More Musical Notes


By the way, CMT has a 20 question thing with REK. Some of the questions are really dumb, but it is CMT. He takes it all in stride and manages to get in a great plug for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass.

Speaking of HSB, the expanded performer list is up. Sigh! Doc Watson, Rodney Crowell, Rhonda Vincent, Eliza Gilkyson, Split Lip Rayfield, JD Crowe, Kevin Welch and Kieran Kane, Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez, plus the festival regulars and several good old favorites. And we can't go! This is the sound of my heart breaking.

As far as I am concerned, Kentucky Homefront needs to schedule Dale Ann Bradley to do a show. It's ridiculous that I'll miss seeing her because I cannot get to SF, when she's an hour and half from Louisville.

However, They Might Be Giants is (are?) coming to Louisville! So is David Olney. TMBG conflicts with opening night for Kentucky Music Weekend. Oh dear. What to do? It would help if KMW would post their schedule. We might very well end up at KMW regardless. I can't get TMBG tix until next payday (this coming Friday), but they go on sale tomorrow. Since it's actually a part of Lebowski Fest, they could sell out before our coffers are refilled.

As far as other upcoming shows are concerned, things look pretty good. See what I mean:

6/25 Garrison Starr at Phoenix Hill
7/16 Lyle Lovett at the Ky Center
7/18 Johnny Berry at Headliners
7/24 Tim Krekel at Headliners
8/12 Kasey Chambers at Headliners
10/28 Greg Brown at Headliners

Kasey Chambers and Mary Gauthier in the same year! I can die happy….

I know we can't do all of them. In fact, I'd probably put Garrison, Krekel, and Johnny B. into the "probably not" category. Garrison conflicts with the free Tim O'Brien show, for one thing. (See below.) Kasey's a definite. I'm going to lobby for Brown. I wish I could see Lovett happening, but the tix are outrageous. We're both already pretty bummed that the Bob Dylan/Willie Nelson tour is coming through town (with the Greencards opening!), and the 50 buck ticket price has pretty much knocked it off the list. The Lovett tix are even higher!

Speaking of the Green Cards, they have a new one coming out on the 21st.

The Lonesome Pine Specials are bringing some cool stuff in too, including the Austin Lounge Lizards, Margot Leverett and the Klezmer Mountain Boys, and a Windham Hill deal that sounds interesting.

Now, we just need to get the new Michelle Shocked!! (Due out on the 28th!)

Amazon now has a section featuring music recommendations from a variety of artists, including Lucinda Williams! It's interesting to get an insight into the musical tastes of people whose music I like. The inconsistent formatting is annoying though.

One great source of new music I've been enjoying lately is InRadio. Every other month they send out a mix CD of great, unheralded music from all sorts of genres. A year's subscription (6 discs) is twenty bucks. I enjoy every one of them, and usually find one or two acts that I have to learn more about. The current disc, May-June, is themed "Old Friends." It's devoted to new releases from people they've featured in the past, including Josh Rouse (with a live cut) and Kathleen Edwards.

Rounder Records is creating a new label, Rounder Archives, to showcase titles from their huge back catalogue that have been out print. Anything that brings out more roots music is okay with me.

Billy Joe Shaver was on 60 minutes not long ago.

Here's a fun little web page: Candye Kane CD came out on June 7. I've not budgeted for it, however. What to do? She's another one that NEEDS to do a tour that includes Louisville. I'll have to include her in a future mix, if there are any more past this one. Oddly, Ear X-tacy doesn't have it yet.

Tim Krekel's newest one is out too.

Carrie Newcomer just announced that her newest CD will be out August 9.

And, finally, John Hiatt's latest comes out June 21.

Whew! That's a lot to listen to! And I just got Amy Ray's new solo album, Prom.

Speaking of Amy, there's a message from her on the Indigo Girls site about the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. I haven't read all the interviews yet, but this is a difficult topic, and I'm glad to see someone like Amy looking at all sides of it.

Oh yeah, and the Indigos' Rarities is due out soon!

Here's a place that will create a tracklist for a mix on any topic you submit. One of my faves is "I lied to a priest yesterday, several times. Make me a mix tape to accompany me during my time in hell." The eternal torment mix is especially well-chosen. I always knew that damn song from Titanic would be playing in hell! They also have a whole lot of music news.

Musical Treats

New video from Chuck Prophet.

E-card for The Bills.

Also, E-cards for Dwight Yoakam and John Hiatt. I have to say that Mr. Yoakam still looks and sounds mighty fine these days. I used to think he was the sexiest thing. And I still do!

If we must have cheesy music, let it be liberal cheesy music! Seriously, I've been absolutely unable to get that chorus out of my head all day. Makes me proud to be a card-carrying bleeding-heart liberal, now that I have a theme song. I must include it on a mix CD some day.

That link comes courtesy of folksinger Christine Lavin's page. It's not regularly updated, but she devotes a lot of space to plugging other musicians and sharing music-related news. Check it out!

On the other hand, not all cheese is created equal. At least the liberal song doesn't have a terrible video to go with it. Link courtesy of Mark Morford at

The goddess of music speaks out for animal rights.

Links to photos from the shows we've seen this spring

John Prine
Guy Clark
Slaid Cleaves
Mary Gauthier
Kathleen Edwards

Pics courtesy of Keith, of course!

Enjoying the hell out of lately

Bill Morrissey, Inside: There's just something about the way he spins a story. He's my latest quest, in terms of tracking down all his work. He's on my Mixed Bag 2 CD.

Ronnie McCoury, Heartbreak Town: Wow! I guess talent runs in the genes. At least, Del McCoury's son seems to prove it.

Demolition String Band, Pulling Up Atlantis: Anybody that does a twangy alt-country cover of Madonna's Like a Prayer is okay in my book! That song would have been on my Mixed Bag CD, if I had found it earlier.

Otis Taylor, Respect the Dead: It makes the hairs on the back of my arm stand up. Wow!

The weird things you buy when they're a quarter

A Parade of Dusty Hobos: I thought, "Cool. Probably folksy, traditional-style music, just the kind I like." But no! It's weird music from the hearts of space experimental jazz instrumentals!

The Desert Fathers: Really strange spiritual shit. The liner notes are overloaded with all kinds of pseudo-mystical blather. I think this is actually supposed to be some kind of concept CD, but the story is muddled and obtuse. Nevertheless, there are several interesting tracks here.

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