Sunday, November 20, 2005

Guess Who Got a Scanner for His Birthday?

Once again, it's been a while...for the usual reasons...yadda, yadda, yadda.... More on that later.
I have a training this week that will keep me out of the office from Mon-Wed. Thurs and Fri, I'm off, and the training picks up for the next Mon and Tues, so I'll probably have a little more time and attention span for blogging. I hope.

Anyway, I hit the big 41 a couple weeks ago, and Keith got me a scanner. I knew about it already, because I was with him when he bought it, but I held off on using it until it was an "official" gift.

I've been storing up bits and pieces for a while now, waiting for the time when I would have a scanner, so I figured I'd share one of them right now.

I found this odd little tidbit lying on a counter at the post office. It hits just the right religious looniness button for me to find it irresistable. I just wish I could make out the face with the horns in the satanic smoke. I know it's got to be a current US political figure, but who? It's not W; that much I can tell, but it's obscured enough by the cross-hatching that I can't make it out. Any ideas?

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