Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It's Been One Year

It's been exactly a year since I wrote this post. I can't believe it. Some days it feels like it's been forever. Others, like it just happened.

I spent today at home working in the yard. Dad always had a small container garden at his trailer. It was always kind of funny because he didn't like vegetables at all, but he grew tomatoes and some other stuff. He always gave them to my mom.

I finished putting in my petunias and marigolds. The other day a roadside plant seller marked down a bunch of pansies that were pretty much dead. I found a flat that had the most viable flowers on it and bought it. I put those out too.

Keith found an old wooden bench sitting out for junk pick up. It's in the back yard now. We're going to put the containers holding his herbs out there.

My dad never got to see our house, which is too bad. He would have liked the backyard. It's starting to look really nice.

I miss him.


Roger Owen Green said...

Yeah, I can relate. I miss my dad too. But I still (nearly six years on), get caught up, not just on the anniversaries, but the everyday.
My best to you, eddie.

Serene Careaga said...

It is very touching to read your thoughts and comforting to know that we all share grief and memories and joy and tears. It's the burden of the human condition, I suppose.

There isn't a day that I don't miss my Mom. It's been many, many years but I don't think they ever leave your side.