Thursday, July 27, 2006

Okay so I’m, like, totally kidding…….

Actually that motley crew is most of the Evans-Mitchell brood all together in one place. It’s from our trip to St. Louis over the 4th of July weekend, which is also right before my mother’s birthday. Keith’s mom was wanting to find somewhere in between our place and hers for us to meet, and my brother lives in Saint Louis. Keith and I drove over with my mom, who got to spend time with her grandkids. Keith’s mom drove up with her husband, and we all got together.*

We went out for dinner one evening, and a kindly passerby snapped the pic. Looking at it again:

Back row:
(L-R) Carolyn (my mother...aka Great Intergalactic Space Mother), Danny (my brother), me

Front Row: (L-R) Harley (Mereta's husband), Mereta (Keith's mom), Keith, Mary Pat (Danny’s wife)

The World’s Cutest Nephew and the World’s Cleverest Niece were at home with the babysitter. If I can pry any of the pics Keith took of them away from him, I’ll post a couple.

It was a wild trip. Saint Louis closes several of its bridges to celebrate the 4th of July, which made getting around a little interesting. Still, we had a good time. And I got to meet up with fellow blogger Gordon for ice cream (Ben and Jerry’s) and comic shopping (Star Clipper). He’s a really nice guy and fun to talk to. I’m a little late in saying this, Gordon, but it was great to meet you! I hope things go okay for your father. I’m thinking good thoughts.

*Yes, I know that St. Louis isn't exactly "in between" Louisville and Arkansas, but it still beats the 14 hour drive that it normally takes to go from one of those points to the other.

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