Friday, October 27, 2006

Very Quick Updates on the Personal Front

Finally feeling better, except for a residual cough. Now, if we could just get Keith's ears unclogged.

Conference went extremely well. Almost 500 attendees. My major work stress for the year is OVER!

My brother is in town for the annual Mitchell Brothers Reunion Road Trip. We're going to the flea market today.

Kosh has become a very needy lap kitty since we've been back from Mexico. For my lap in particular.

This blog passed its third blogiversary earlier this month, unnoticed by everyone including me.

Next week, I'll be passing my 42nd birthday in much the same way.

That's not true. I'll be sitting by the mailbox waiting for the flood of cards and gifts from my many admirers. What are you waiting for? You still have a week to get something in the mail.

Bennie ripped the space bar off my laptop the other day. We got it back on, but if you don't hit it just right, it doesn't always space right. Any odd spacing errors in this post are her fault.

I got tangled in my power cord the other day rushing to get Chiquito off Bennie and the laptop dropped. Now the audio is garbled about half the time.

People who have cats shouldn't own laptops.

Yes, I just did a post largely about my cats.

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Roger Owen Green said...

Happy early birthday. You and Lefty are some of the most regular bloggers I read right now - what does that say?