Monday, November 06, 2006

From Last Night's Smallville Weather Forecast:

"And for tomorrow, it looks like it will be cloudy in the morning with a 98% chance of a Superboy storm in the afternoon. You'd best break out the kryptonite umbrellas folks, or else plan to stay inside. Making sure that your homeowner's insurance is up to date is a pretty good idea too. There might still be time to purchase the special 'Kryptonian Damage' rider!"

Superboy 159 (art by Neal Adams--I think)

Image courtesy of Eddie's Great Pile o' Unread Comics!


Lefty said...

Surely it must be a flood of Superboys by now. It's been raining them for a couple weeks now. :)

Roger Owen Green said...

Consider this my fortnightly nag as well.

EM said...

Sorry guys. I've had to build an arc to ride out the rising tide of Superboys!