Saturday, January 27, 2007

Saturday Morning Web Wanderings

I have a Peculiar Aristocratic Title now, thanks to Roger. And it's actually fitting, in an odd sort of way. I just hope the "Hope End"art isn't literal, given the turmoil at work these days.

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Sir Edward the Complex of Hope End
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Wow. I went to the new comics weblog update thingie* this morning to see what I needed to do to get this blog added, and, to my surprise, last night’s post was already listed there. I'm in!

I don’t know whether I got pulled over as part of the old update thingie or if I got picked off someone’s blogroll, or what, but it’s much appreciated to be remembered. Thanks, Chris! The update thingie now has a link on my list!

*I’m not as technical about these things as Mike is.


Lefty knows what makes me happy!

This is already shaping up to be a pretty good music year. There's a Neko Case at Austin City Limits CD out now.

Patty Griffin's new CD is out 2/6.

And, later on, new releases from Hayes Carll and Mary Gauthier. Plus, a box set from a certain Goddess of Music!


I love it when Tom Spurgeon looks at super-hero comics. His parsing of the “mysterious” image DC released this week is priceless, as much for its analysis:

These things are rewarding to longtime fans, and sort of baffling to the rest of us. If I'm locked out, with my job of reading comics, that's one goddamn insular club.

As for its humor:

Crying Superman in his various forms has to be the goofy comic book image of the decade, and is battling Jimmy Olsen in a Dress and that beautiful square planet establishing shot in the Bizarro comics for goofiest superhero-related image ever. Crying Superman should have his own comic. Clark Verklempt.

I actually think I'd buy Clark Verklempt! Personally, I think Superman is faking the crying thing, so that WW will cradle his head between her breasts. It's the kind of sitcom-ish thinking that would seem to fit with a lot of the things I've read online about the DCU's current view of women. "If we're 'sensitive' and 'vulnerable' (sniff!) we get boobies! Break out the Kleenex!"

Either that or he’s crying because it’s not Jimmy Olsen cradling his head. Poor Clark. Abandoned in his hour of greatest emotional need. Dorian's right. Jimmy is a jerk.

Take your pick.

Oh yeah, the high-res version of the image now on Newsarama certainly reinforces Spurgeon’s comments about the relationship between the figures and the backgrounds, doesn’t it? (There's an odd "color form"kind of feel to the picture.) And The Beat’s comment about Black Canary.


Finally, a local news link (story only available for one week) for Roger to follow up on his Muhammad Ali post of a couple of days ago: The Champ is moving back to his hometown! How cool is that?

PS Happy 500th Bully!


Roger Owen Green said...

Here's an interesting tidbit, I think, re: the link to the Ali story: if you remove the 1008 at the end, the post still works. I've posted it to my blog to see if it is still valid after the week.
I have found that shortening the web address in my local paper's website will keep it viable.

EM said...

Thanks for the tip ROger. I'll have to try that. The fact the CJ links have such a limited lifespn has kept me from doing more locally oriented news stuff. Maybe that can change.