Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Okay, I really should have titled that last post “Shirtless Fat Gay Guy* Warning!”

My apologies to anyone taken aback by my mounds of man-flesh. I came in the house one night after putting in one of my flower-beds, covered in muck and such, and yelled at Keith to get the camera because I wanted pics for the blog. He thought I meant pics of the flowers I’d just planted. Silly man! I meant grubby, grimy me!

Now maybe those of you who clamor for posts from me will think twice about it in the future!

Anyway, for the last few weeks, my mood has been just too damn rotten to blog. Honestly. There was no way I could imagine anyone wanting to come and read my pissiness for days on end, so I took a bit of a break. I really should I have said something about it, but them’s the breaks.

I can’t go into a lot of detail here, which is another reason I let the blog lie fallow for a while, but the situation at work honestly gets a little worse every day. At the same time, none of my leads are panning out. To say I’m really discouraged is putting it mildly.

So, I’ve been doing other stuff instead of bitching and moaning on my blog:

  • Taking Walks
  • Reading (been burning through a book every two-three days)
  • Going to Concerts
  • Making Responses to Visual Memes (without posting them)
  • Retail Therapy of the Second Hand Variety
  • Sitting in the Backyard
  • Eating LOTS of Ice Cream!
  • And, of course, Gardening!

Depending on how things go in the next few days, I might do some blogging on some of the above.

In the meantime, here’s some stuff from people you’d really much rather read about than me:

The Thrift Store Project runs across the kind of sale ad I love! (Even though the background story is really kind of sad.)

Behold, Cerebra! The Comics Blog Search Engine we’ve all been waiting for is here! Thanks Kevin!

Why must the world make Robot Mike Cry? Someone really needs to figure the answer to that one out because the Robot Army seems to be growing.

Go learn some more about Roger Green.

Good ol’ Gordon finds a way to actually make this Paris Hilton nonsense into something worthwhile.

Happy Belated Anniversary Mr and Mrs Lefty Brown!

*Can’t wait to see the hits that generates!


Lefty said...

Hey glad to see you posting again! Now I'm looking forward to HEARING more from you (and maybe seeing less of you as well).

'kidding! Two things you wont see/read on my blog, Paris Hilton, and my own flabby mountains of man-grissel. (Even Zombies would avoid me, to much fat not enough steak!).

Aaaaaaanyway....glad to see you back.

Roger Owen Green said...

now you're just being gratuitious! but I'll still nag you the next time you go 30 days without a post. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

Roger Owen Green said...

Shirtless Fat Gay Guy has 508,000 hits on Google. But if you put it in quotes, you're the only one, which is as it should be.

EM said...

Thank you Roger. You just made my day.