Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Political Thought of the Moment....

One week from today could very well be the first Kentucky Democratic primary where my vote actually matters in the decision. Our primary is so late that usually the nominee has all but declared victory. I got kind of excited about that possibility in the early primaries, when it started to look like the contest between Obama and Clinton would not be quickly or easily decided.

Now we're a week away from the primary. Even though he's pulling ahead in all the counts, every state is being watched and analyzed, poked and prodded, polled and sampled, looking for signs not only how the race to the nomination will go, but how things might play out in the fall. And I'm so freaking tired of it all.

I've gone from wanting my primary vote to really matter in the overall scheme of things to wishing that Clinton would see the writing on the wall and bow out gracefully. I'm willing to give up my one chance of a primary vote on something that isn't a done deal for a few extra weeks for the nominee to pull a fractured party together and get ready for the convention and November. I'll gladly trade my moment in the sun to help improve the party's chances at winning in the fall.

I only wonder when/if Clinton will say the same thing. Hopefully sooner, rather than later.

Related: Keith went to see Obama last night. (I had to work late.) He came home positively glowing. It's time to start focusing on the general election, people.

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