Friday, June 27, 2008

All I Ever Wanted...

Last time we met, I had a major work event coming and an Emmylou CD to buy. Well, since then, the event went extremely well--it was well-attended, my boss was happy, and, more importantly, her boss was happy. But it was also extremely stressful and demanding.

The day after it was over, I came down with an awful cold that settled right down in my chest. I'm still coughing stuff up. It left me too wiped to do much besides work, sleep, and eat Cap'n Crunch, the miracle cure-all.

However, today, after working like a madman for a week to get ready for it, at five p.m., my vacation starts! Ahhhh!

And what a vacation it will be! I'm going to read, watch Batman DVD's, visit my favorite thrift stores, drink coffee, take pictures, ride my bike, clean house, work in the yard, go camping, find a theater that's still showing Iron Man, and sleep!

I'm also going to blog, since I have quite a bit to say about the new Emmylou, yard sales, old posts, Roger Green, comic books, Days of Our Lives, and some other stuff.

But for now, there's one more day of work to do, a report to finish, a recommendation to type, data to correct, and a boss to meet with.

And so I must depart....

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Roger Owen Green said...

Can't wait!