Monday, August 18, 2008

This kind of post requires disclaimers

Which would be as follows:

1. I am not depressed or melancholy or moody or any of that stuff. (For right now at least.) I'm not sure what brought this string of vids to mind. Sometimes, I start out mindlessly surfing and end up on YouTube. A song will pop into my head and the video will lead to another and another and another. This time they all seemed to center around break up songs. You gotta go with the flow, man.

2. NOTHING in my personal life inspired this I swear! It's just that after looking at four or five of these things, I just had to post them for some odd reasons.

3. I know I owe some posts on other matters. They're coming, honest. It's just that there's another major one that's blocking them and, while I really should not post it due to potential repercussions, I'm convinced I can find a way to do it. The idea has gotten hold of me and won't let anything else in or out until I either vanquish it or figure out a way to post it. (I've posted some links recently that hint at the contents.)

4. Yes, I know my taste in music has its cheesy dimensions. Oh lord, how I know, especially when the 80's are involved.

So, anyway, it started with OMD:

For some reason this song was very significant for a group that I hung with in college for a while.

That led to Green Day and a song that actually did help me through a major depression about ten years ago. (one of these days I need to do a post of my personal depression-buster songs.)

Which somehow led to my favorite Pat Benatar tune. I'm telling you, the eighties, man. I can't shake 'em loose sometimes. I love the children's choir in this one. It's the perfect cheesy touch.

And if you're going to do cheese, you have to have some hair metal, in this case Poison:

And then this led me to my trifecta of high school break up songs. First ABBA:

Then Barry Manilow (My secret shame: I am a closet Manilow fan):

And finally, The Commodores, and a song I used to sit with two or three female friends and cry over. (And there were people I went to high scholl with who were surprised when I came out of the closet. Go fig.):

And that's the bunch this time. You survived. I survived. And somehow, maybe, your opinion of me survived too. If you thought this batch was maudlin, you should have seen what didn't make the cut!

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Roger Owen Green said...

And yet I still love you.
(My favorite Manilow song is Could It Be Magic, mostly for the piano.)