Thursday, August 26, 2010

Well, what do you know? Blogger remembered me!

It seems like I spend my life intending to do so many things that never quite happen. I intend to be 20 pounds lighter. I intend to clean the bathroom. I intend to blog on a regular basis. And so on and so forth. We won't get into the weight and the bathroom here, but you can obviously see how well the blogging is going.

It's been a strange couple of years. I finally ended up in the absolute dream position last year, only to have it yanked away from me a few months later. Then I got shuffled into a less than ideal position, ended up doing a pretty good job at it, and got booted from it a month ago. Booted in the big way, that is. Been unemployed ever since.

Can't go into details right now. I need to leave it at this: none of it was right. I'm looking at my options as far as responses go. More than that I probably shouldn't say.

I've got some part time work coming up and my vacation pay combined with Mom's life insurance, plus a little monthly income from the booth, hopefully will carry me until I can get a regular gig again. That's the theory anyway.

Speaking of the insurance brings up the other shadow across my life, Mom's death. We went from cancer diagnosis last September to her death right before Memorial Day in what seems like no time at all. Still seems unreal. Ours wasn't the smoothest of mother-son relationships, but I miss her terribly. Interestingly, I'm finding myself remembering the positives of her life more than dwelling on the negatives. There's a lot more that I want to say about her passing, but not tonight.

So, anyway, I'm muddling through, just about like always. Trying to make the best of things and focus on the positives: I've got a wonderful man I love who loves me, three of the most adorable loving cats in the world, an awesome brother, the coolest niece and nephew in the world, and things really can't be that bad in the face of all that, can it?

It's a little tight right now, but I think we're going to make it. So, what's new with you?

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Roger Owen Green said...

Well, I missed you!

Still blogging daily - I had just changed my URL back in the beginning of May to

My daughter's gonna be in a Pakistani wedding next week

Got a new passport so I can travel to Canada next year.

My father's been dead 10 years this month. As I recall, you wrote something really nice 5 years ago, on the anniversary of his death; really appreciated that. If you get a chance, read what I wrote about my dad earlier this month. It seems that it's not unlike, in its own way, what you feel about your mom, mostly, but not entirely positive.

well, you know where to find me.