Thursday, September 01, 2005

How Do I Love Thee?

I’m feeling out of sorts with comics right now, so I’m going to steal a meme from Lyle and list some of the things in comics that I’m excited about now:

The Little Lulu trades from Dark Horse. I know that one volume had some pages out of order, but every one of these has been a real treat regardless.

James Kochalka

Lewis Trondheim (I think Kochlaka and Trondheim will always be on any list like this that I make.)

Joann Sfar (I'm looking forward to getting Rabbi's Cat.)

The Buddha volumes from Vertical (Volume 7 is due in October!!)

I love going into the one independent bookseller we have left in this town and seeing a carefully chosen shelf of graphic novels and trades. I try to buy a volume from them every so often.

Half-Price Books, where it seems you can find almost anything

My local shop, of course. Nicest people on the planet.

Going to the flea market and looking for old DC’s

The upcoming Showcase Presents series of thick black and white volumes. DC has so much stuff I’d like to see reprinted—the original Angel and the Ape for one—that I’m glad to see them moving into this format.

That Fantagraphics’ financial situation has largely stabilized thanks to their Peanuts reprints. (Link courtesy of Comics Reporter)

Jason (See comment about Trondheim and Kochalka.)

Age of Bronze (See comment about Jason. I guess it's nice to have some old favorites and dependable stand-bys.)

I’ve finally gotten my collection down to a manageable size, with emphasis on the areas where I want to concentrate.

The forthcoming English translation of Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne from DC/CMX

The Mike Allred issue of Solo. (I can't decide whether the return of X-Statix is something to get excited about yet.)

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