Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tidying Up!

I fixed Basil's pic so that it actually shows up now. Not sure what happened there. I also added a couple of links to that post that I didn't have time to do yesterday. I edited it just a tad too. It was a combinatino of two posts, one about Basil's illness and one about losing her, that were written several weeks apart and put together. It needed just a little smoothing out.



Roger Owen Green said...

Glad you posted the links- I found The Wedding and all sorts of other goodness! I probably should have e-mailed you about the picturew, but I figured that you would figure it out eventually.

EM said...

Oh lord. That means you've seen the pics of me without a shirt!

The wedding was fun. That was almost a year ago. They had the cutest little baby boy.

I tend to do a lot of posting right about the time I should be heading out the door for work, so I ususally can't fix boo-boos until later, even though I usually see them right off.