Thursday, February 09, 2006

My Eyes Are My Ears!

Last year, I ordered tickets to several shows at the Kentucky Center for the Arts, including for a performance by Kinsey Sicks, the acapela drag troupe from San Francisco. A few weeks ago, I got a letter from KCA stating that Kinsey now had a regular gig in Las Vegas and couldn’t make their Louisville show. The center replaced them with someone named Ant, whom we had no desire to see. So, I made the trek downtown on Saturday to turn in the tix for a refund.

On my way to the Center, I was surprised by a rather large head.

Several of these creations have been installed around town to raise awareness of psychological health issues. There are all kinds of placards around the base with all kinds of info about mental and emotional health and taking care of yourself.

Many of them are interactive, so that passersby can push a button and see something happen. It was cold, snowy and windy, so I couldn’t stay and play, but I did think she should have her picture taken. The title of this one, I believe, is “Lightheaded.”

Last year or the year before last, there was an exhibit of horse statues all over town called Gallopalooza. Different businesses and organizations sponsored the horses, which were decorated by artists, according to the sponsors theme. They were all over town, and it was a lot of fun running into them at unexpected places. Late in the year, most, if not all, of the statues were auctioned off to raise money for a local charity.

The horse theme comes, of course, from the fact the Louisville is home to the Kentucky Derby. Several of the horses are still around town, including this one, which is by the door to the Kentucky Center for the Arts.

It’s a surrealist inspired design, capped off by this great sign across the face.

My eyes are my ears!

And indeed they are!

I think that’s going to become my new motto: My Eyes Are My Ears!

I want a t-shirt and a bumper sticker printed up.

I may even start using it to respond to others:

Keith: Will you take the trash out?
Eddie: My eyes are my ears!

Boss: Is your report done yet?
Eddie: My eyes are my ears!

Aerobics Instructor: Step to the left!
Eddie: My eyes are my ears!

Pastor: Let us pray!
Eddie: My eyes are my ears!

Okay, that last one will never happen, since I don’t go to church, but you get the idea. Try it out on your friends and loved ones! Maybe we can start a trend.

I love public art!

My Eyes Are My Ears!






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