Thursday, December 28, 2006

Holiday Wrap-Up!

Well, we survived another one. The tree (for the moment) is still standing, despite Chiquito’s best efforts. He has managed to dislodge several ornaments, however. He also likes to take naps under the tree. I think it reminds him of being outdoors on his own.

I had a lot more trouble with the holiday baking this year than normal. Several things did not turn out, and I was worried that there wouldn’t be enough to give away. Happily, that wasn't the case. Still, it's a little frustrating that so much went wrong, and I can't figure out why. Three batches of fudge got tossed before I decided to give up and move on. Sigh!

I’ve about taken the holiday feasting as far as it can go. I’ve picked up enough weight to start feeling uncomfortable, even though I’m no where near regaining everything I’ve lost. Once the New Year starts, it’s back to healthy eating and exercising. Keith has already joined the Y. I’m really proud of him for that!

Keith really seemed to like his presents, which was great. I felt like I did really well this year, so it was nice to be right. I might regret giving him the harmonica, however. He gave me some pretty awesome books this year, which was a little different. Keith tends to shy away from getting me books, because he’s afraid I may already have them. This time around though, I got several, including a nice Frida Kahlo collection and the companion book to the March of the Penguins movie, which I also got on DVD. Keith likes to pick one item each year and get everyone on our list one. This year’s item was MoP on DVD. Honestly, I was getting a little jealous watching him wrap all those DVD’s for other people, when I’m the penguin nut in the household! I should have known better! So, all’s right with the world now. My mom gave each of us gift cards to Barnes and Noble, and my Secret Santa at work gave me one for Half-Price Books, so there’s going to be plenty of new reading in the house for a while!

I hope everyone had happy/merry/ho ho/whatevers and that 2007 will be very very good for you!

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