Monday, July 02, 2007

Hello insomnia, my old friend!

Please accept my apologies for the long period of what Mike would call "low content mode." It's probably better than "no content mode," which is something I'm really good at. I just needed to blow off some steam about some things that have been frustrating me lately, but without being too specific about what they are, at least for the time being.

My hope is to be able to explain that "yellow" thing one day soon, but for the moment, just know that it, along with the talented cats, and the drag Wonder Women are what's been keeping me sane for the past few days. I appreciate your indulgence and promise a return to somewhat real content this week.

In the meantime, biggest, bestest, happiest sixth birthday wishes ever to the best stuffed little bull blogger the interwebs have ever seen!


Roger Owen Green said...

Lessee, flee the yellow. Yellow Truck, which are actually more orange, whereas Ryder trucks ARE yellow. Hmmm.

EM said...

You're barking in the wrong direction, Roger...