Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Apparently, I'm doomed to never again know the consistent feeling of having work that is:

a) plentiful
b) meaningful
c) suited to my temperaments and talents

I was informed yesterday that once my current "assignment" is over, I'll be returning to the status quo, which is none of the above. I almost cried.

The only real bright side is that there is no visible end date to the current assignment.

Have some links while I mope:

RIP Alfredo.
(I have to say that The Rack is my favorite web comic and the only one I actively make the time to follow.)

The Boy Toys of the DC Universe.

Stuffed animals playing board games.
(About London,yet!)

Donate to David Pirkola
, comics retailer seriously wounded during a robbery. (via Journalista)

How about a video to make us all feel better. Maybe Kasey Chambers?

Um...maybe not.

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