Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Salvage Week: Why Worry?

I yanked this off YouTube a while back when I was basically grabbing vids that suited my mood, but didn't get around to putting it up because I actually wanted to write something about it first.

Well, my new world of optimism and hope at work ran into a huge stumbling block yesterday, which means I'm not overly happy about going in today, so this seems like a good time. And a fitting song. I'm going to try to keep it in mind.

This is my all time favorite Dire Straits song, one that Keith and I used to play a lot when we were cruising around town in his old Taurus. The addition of Emmylou only makes a great song that much greater.

When I first saw this clip on the Roadrunning DVD, I thought about some stuff I had read about the Knopfler/Harris concerts on an Emmylou list I belong to. Someone was complaining about how Knopfler completely "disrespected" Emmylou by "hogging" the stage with his guitar antics and not "bothering" to sing harmonies on her solo songs. (Sometimes the music fans they can be as annoying and irrational as the comics fans.)

And then I look at this, one of those songs everyone comes to his shows to here him play, and he steps aside and they do the first verse accompanied only be her acoustic guitar. Emmylou is often self-deprecating when she talks about her guitar skills, and it is true that, like a lot of singers, she's primarily a competent rhythm guitarist, but she actually does play quite well. I thought it was pretty damn cool that a man recognized as of the greatest guitarists in music would step aside and let her do it. I think it's a beautiful summary of their collaboration throughout the Roadrunning projects. And a lovely version of a lovely song.

So, anyway, why worry? I'm going to try not to.

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EM said...

The hardest part about doing these salvage posts is remembering to change the date and time so they'll show up in the right place in the blog!