Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good Morning from McD's!

Still in the dark. I have a dentist appt in an hour, so I'm taking advantage of the time and WiFi connection.

The worst part about being without power is not the boredom. It's the oppressive feeling. I've been in the most foul mood ever since this started. Sitting around in the dark every evening doesn't help. Waking up is really hard in the morning. I never realized how much turning on the light was a part of the starting the day ritual.

And don't get me started on the lack of coffee....

Kosh isn't dealing well with the darkness. He has his freaked out face on most of the time. Since we have a shotgun house, in a 'hood full of shotgun houses set very close together, there aren't any windows on the west side of the house, which means that the place is already getting dark in the middle of the afternoon.

At work, we're up to our armpits in emergency food distribution for folks who lost everything when the power went out. We've been eating out all week, which is making me feel sluggish and out of sorts, which is adding to my bad mood.

I told Keith the other night that they had more light than we have right now on Little House on the Prairie! Ma could always sew at night. I can't even read. I miss reading, much more than I do TV or the internets.

Almost 300,000 homes lost power when Ike blew through. (Keith said that he read that the winds were severe enough to say we had a class-1 hurricane come through. I don't know how accurate that really is, but it certainly feels right.) Nearly half of them still don't have power. Lots of businesses are still closed. There are trees down everywhere and roads that are still blocked. And many intersections without functioning traffic lights.

And I know that there are athousand ways this could be worse and hat there are a thousands of people worse off right now in other parts of the country. And, honestly, I'm sorry for all that, but I'm also damn sick and tired of sitting in the fucking dark.

Yes, I'm a lousy disaster victim.

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