Monday, September 08, 2008

Monday Morning Already?

I start leading a class for some of our clients tonight, so I'll be working over. I've never quite figured out how a couple extra hours work on Monday makes me so tired the rest of the week, but it does.

We had contractors in last week to look at the kitchen ceiling where it's falling in, but haven't gotten any estimates that we like yet.

Keith went camping over the weekend, but I stayed home. Kosh was a velcro kitty all weekend as a result. Could not get more than two steps away from him. He came to us from a home where he had been left behind and even now, nearly five years later, he still gets a little freaky when someone goes away.

Keith took the car, so I did yard sales by bike, which is always interesting. There weren't too many going on for some reason. I picked up some really cruddy looking issues of Groo at one. Mostly everything was pretty lame.

God, but my life is really boring when you type it out. Sigh!

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