Friday, January 02, 2009

Happiest of the Newest and all that somesuch...

Okay, I made it mostly through December posting, until after Christmas at least. I'm not claiming any of it was especially rich or meaningful, but it was content. I also learned the value of the Blogger post-scheduling feature. Unfortunately, the streak ended when I went for my annual post-Christmas house-sitting venture. I've never had problems with internet access over there before, but I couldn't get online this time to save my soul.

So, after that, I took a couple of days hiatus, but I'm back. it's time for one of my favorite New Year's weekend activities: The Kentucky Flea Market! It's a two-winger this time, which is always good for finding some cheap comics and other stuff. I'm trying real hard to remember my camera, so I can photo-blog this.

I'm on forced leave without pay today, like all of my colleagues in this recession-riddled city, but that's actually turning out to be a good thing, since I've got a lot to do at the house and I wanted some extra down time before I "officially" start my new job on Monday.

Thinking blogically, I've got a bit of an idea about what I want to do over the next couple of weeks: some cheesy DVD reviews, a couple of graphic novel reviews, my take on the best (or at least my favorite) music of 2008, my goals for 2009, stuff I'm looking forward too, and a couple of regular features I'd like to unleash once my scanner gets hooked up again. Oh yeah, and I have some bleated gifts for a few bloggers, plus a rundown on the holidays here at chez Evans-Mitchell.

But for now, the flea market awaits, as does breakfast, so I must hie me hither!

2009 might actually me the year I become a real blogger. It only took five years, but I'm somewhat of a late bloomer.

So here, celebrate 2009 with some classic Linda Ronstadt:

Ever notice how her best stuff was also her saddest stuff?

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