Thursday, November 04, 2010

The sweetest birthday treat of all!

So sweet, in fact, that it'll give you a toothache!

And today, I am 46, even if you really can't tell it by this post.

I'll be off doing some nom-nom-ing myself. I told Keith all I wanted for my birthday was Nutella crepes from IHOP. (Although, I might sneak some thrifting in as well.)

Happy day, all!


Roger Owen Green said...

nom away. But what is "doining"? And now you have to change your bio description!

EM said...

Typos happen, Rog. Especially at my age. Fixed it. I actually just changed my profile a couple of weeks ago to update my age from 40 to 45. I should have waited! Maybe I'll just make it a five year tradition.