Monday, June 13, 2011

Return of the Ramble!

In which your Eddie-tor explains where he's been for the past month and a half.

I started a cat-sitting gig at the end of April and it ended up lasting most of May.  One of the people I sit for has had some family medical emergencies to deal with, so she's been gone for extended periods of time, often with little to no notice.  I spent most of the month at her house with her kitties, where my connectivity is pretty limited.  After a couple of days, I stopped trying to fight with it and entertained myself in other ways.

And, of course, once I got out of the habit, it's been hard to get back in.  Things have been pretty busy on other fronts as well, so I just haven't had the kind of time I normally do for stuff like blogging and planning and writing posts and such.  Hopefully, that's easing up a little.  We'll see.

I managed to make it through my first Mother's Day without a mother and the first anniversary of Mom's death okay.  My brother's birthday fell on Mother's Day this year, so I had something happier to concentrate on and that helped some.  I'm starting to get into my shed and deal with some of Mom's things, so my emotions are pretty wobbly sometimes.  So many memories.

I went to the big flea market alone over Memorial Day weekend and realized how much I miss her at times like that.  We used to do the flea market together at least once a year.  It was kind of weird not to stop at vendors she would shop from.  It was even weirder not being able to snark on stuff like we used to do.  She and I were forever finding something to carry on about or make fun of.  I had to do it all in my head this time.

Yard saling has been really lame for weeks now.  Lots of traveling and sweating for little hauls.  I made an awesome score this past weekend when I got a metric ton of Peanuts memorabilia for about twenty bucks, but it was the first rave-worthy score in ages and ages.  Even many of the annual sales I love to hit have been mediocre at best.  Not nearly as many opportunities to score a box of swag for five bucks.

Booth sales have been off too.  I owe you all reports for April and May, which I will get on soon.  I'll elaborate things in more detail at that time.  I also owe a couple of book reports too.  They'll also be forthcoming.

I even tried setting up at a community sale at a local church to pick up some extra bucks and clear out some booth duds.  Turn out was lousy for some unknown reason, so I only made about fifty bucks.  Did get rid of some stuff, though.  The organizers were making plans to have leftovers donated, so I left several items there, rather than drag them all home again.  I'd like to try the whole experience again, only with more buyers and better sales.

We've been having August in June for most of the month.  Hotter than normal.  More humid than normal.  I so miss regular seasons.

I got a smart phone the other day, so I may start tweeting again.  The "p" on my old phone only worked intermittently, which is why I stopped before.  Apparently, most of the words I like to use have "p's" in them.

My latte tastes funny.

Chiquito had a little growth spurt a while back.  Sometimes cats will have one last little burst of growth at around three, which he is.  It's made him very hungry all the time.  He's taken to trying to wake us in the middle of the night for a feeding.  I've started to put out a little extra food for my growing baby.

Kosh on the other hand is pretty much the same.  He wasn't well for my extended stay away from the house in May, but seems to have gotten over it.  Little does he know I have three nights of cat-sitting this week.  He's pretty clever in that he's learned the signs for when I'm prepping to leave for a few days.  So he starts getting freaky and extra lovey whenever I start packing up or carrying things out.  The problem is, he can't distinguish between my packing to leave and getting a booth run ready.  I'm messing with booth stuff all the time and it frequently involves packing a box or taking one out, which starts him to worrying needlessly.  Haven't figured out a way to explain things to him.

I also haven't figured out a way to end my Rambles posts, other than just stopping.  Posts on particular topics can wind themselves to a good conclusion, but just sitting down and rambling on and on is harder to wrap up.  The only way I really know to do it for sure is to shut up.

So I will.

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