Monday, April 25, 2011

Early Morning Monday Rambles

Got hit with a rare bought of insomnia about an hour ago.  Watching an episode of Generator Rex, followed by another of Pawn Stars didn't help, so now I'm blogging.  Maybe I can get some stuff set up for this week.

Can't figure out why I can't sleep.  When I was working the old job, I used to have sleepless nights all the time, but I haven't really had more than a couple in the almost year since I got canned.  I don't have near the level of stress with the PTG as I did before, but this is a pretty hectic week  Most of my hours this session are in the evening, which really messes up my days.  We've got two weeks to go, and the last days are always mote demanding, but it's never kept me up before.  Oh well.

Thundery, stormy, rainy weather here for what seems like days on end.  So tired of rain  The Ohio is dangerously high.  Want to ride my bike and go to yard sales that actually happen  Is that too much to ask for?

Speaking of sales, we did find a "rain or shine" sale held in a garag on Saturday. They advertised comics, so I knew I had to be there  I can't keep comics in stock in my booth.  It doesn't seem to matter if it's old Bugs Bunny or 90's Image crap, it sells as soon as I put it out.  Turned out they didn't have that many comics, and the few they did have were practically in shreds, so I didn't get any of them.  But, I did get quite a few great graphic novels for 50 cents each, so it still worked out.

While we were there, I saw a really pretty mug sitting on a table.  It was kind of dark in the garage, so I picked it up and tilted it so I could get a better look at it.  All this coffee came spilling out of it!  For some reason, I decided that meant it must be some kind of trick cup or a gag cup or something.  So I decided the keep tilting it so I could figure out where the coffee was coming from.  (Well, it made sense at the time!)

So after I pour a bunch more coffee out of the damn cup, the seller comes over and says "Uhm..that's my coffee cup.."  I could have died!  File this one under "Stupid Junker Tricks."

Well, the booth has been rebounding the past couple of weeks.  Not really high sale days, but really solid ones that are pretty consistently in the range where I want them.  I could still hit my sales goal, or at least come close  It won't be an over 900 month, but it'll be better than it was looking earlier.  As long as trends hold up, that is  As long as being closed for Easter Sunday doesn't break the momentum.  Sundays are usually good days for me.  I'll really miss those sales.

Easter passing means I'll need to take my Easter display down when I go in.  I sold a lot of it this year  Last year, I waited too long to put Easter stuff out and ended up with a ton of eggs and stuff leftover.  I'll have a few items left, but not many.  I was actually kind of surprised that my vintage bunnies didn't sell.  Neither did most of the religious items I added.  Guess bunnies and Jesus don't mix after all.

Easter passing also means that the Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs will be fifty percent off when Walgreen's opens!  Stay out of my way!  They've been my favorite Easter candy ever since they first came out!  Woo hoo!  If I can find some marked down Easter toys and such, I'll probably pick up a few and store them until next year for the booth.

Since my display table is going to be empty, I've been pondering what to put there next.  I think I'm going to try something different.  I have a bin of what I call "household stuff": tools, a couple of telephones, and assorted odds and ends that have specific uses, rather than being just decorative.  A lot of it came from my mother's stuff.  It's not selling well mainly because it's in a bin under a table.  Whenever anyone goes through it, everything ends up in a mess.  I'm debating spreading the whole lot out on the table for a couple of weeks and seeing if any of it moves.  It's worth a shot.  I may mix in some dishes or older items, just to make it interesting.

Maybe I'd better try to get some sleep now.


Ms Jackie's Junque said...


Aww-thanks for your comment that you were worried about me. Thankfully Mobile was spared the tornadoes but SO MANY other Alabamians were not! It is unbelievable really! So many people are hurting.

I've been meaning to comment on your coffee cup incident at the yard sale! That was hilarious! I can so see that happening to me too!

I cannot wait for tomorrow! One of my favorite church sales of the year is in the morning and they open at 6:00! Good luck to you if you're able to go in the morning. I know all that Kentucky Derby stuff is going on . . . :)

Roger Owen Green said...

yeah, my first Mother's Day w/out my mom too. weird.