Monday, April 02, 2012

Monday Rambles

Well, I started taking on a bit of a cold last week, so that really drug the end of the week down.  Unfortunately, I had to take the weekend to move the YesterNook booth and get it set up in its new spot, so I couldn't really rest and recover.  I'm so whiny when I'm sick, too.

Now, it's almost one in the morning on Monday and I cannot sleep.  I think I've been sleeping too much with too much cold medicine and it's messed me up.  I'm supposed to get up at 5!  Ack!

New daytime schedule starts this week, and it is completely different from what I have had previously.  Going to take some getting used to.  (Especially with no sleep.) No more leisurely mornings to spend on housework and booth stuff before heading off to teach at noon.  Sigh!  I miss those days already.

On the other hand, I get a break from evenings for a couple of weeks and then the new gig starts and those will get turned upside down.  Still trying to figure out what I am doing with that one.

Still, next week, I have no classes of any kind, so I can get some other work done.

Well, this weekend sucked as far as booth sales go.  The ballgame killed Saturday and apparently everyone is in mourning over Louisville's loss, so no one got out to shop on Sunday.  March went out like a lamb as far as sales go, for sure.  Having my YesterNook booth in shambles right now from the move hasn't helped either.

Kentucky's victory means that somewhere my mother and father are both smiling.  They probably watched the game together.  Of course, I always thought he was a Kentucky fan because she was.

At least my new schedule will allow for a lot of bike riding for the next few weeks.  I need the exercise.

We went to a yard sale Saturday that was cancelled because of the game (which didn't start until 6 pm...).  Trouble is, no one told some of the sellers who were coming to set up to sell, so they set up anyway!  I bought a pair of child-sized Adirondack chairs.

Insomnia makes the rambles really rambly, huh?

PS  Happy Birthday to a certain Goddess of Music:  The One and Only Emmylou Harris!

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Roger Owen Green said...

I'll haul out my Emmylou this week!