Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Rambles

Well, the hypothesis that not actually having to go to classes for a week will lead to more posts has been soundly disproven.  Oh well!  Story of my blog, and no one should really be surprised.

Thing is, I'm not exactly sure what it was I did with the week.

I went to Peddlers Mall twice and put out a TON of stuff.  Seriously.  Like 6 tubs.  Sales have been strong there.  Even for Spring Break week, which is unusual.

Went to YesterNook and set up a new shelf.  i haven;t had as many sales there lately, so I needed to create some space for new stuff.  Spring Break hit there hard.

Priced a lot of inventory that I hadn't gotten to yet.  Organized said priced inventory for upcoming trips to the appropriate boothly destination.

Did a couple of Craigslistings.  Took some photos to do more.

Kind of half-heartedly thrifted.  There wasn't really anything to get excited about.  Ditto for yard sales.

I did get to a local junk shop I've not been able to hit for a while because of my schedule and bought a few things there.

Went to a meeting about the new gig that starts, well, tonight.

Did laundry.

And that was about it.  Not sure where the time went.  Or what I did with it.  Or how the hell I am supposed to work a week that was so wasted and boring into a Rambles post.


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