Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Louisville is home to a giant cave system, with the most fascinating story.  I'll let you all read the details at the link, rather than summarizing it here.  I've always thought the whole deal was way cool.

There's a lot that goes on there, including underground zip lines and an underground BMX park that is in the planning stages.  During the holiday season, it becomes the home for Lights Under Louisville.

I've been wanting to go for several years, but always balked at the admission price, which is pretty steep in my book.  This year, Keith found a Groupon, so we set off to celebrate my port on Monday night.

It was a lot of fun.  Going on a weekday night meant that there was no traffic to speak of, so it flat like we were getting a private tour. Many of the displays are quite clever.  The first batch is a tribute to local sights and events, including a dump truck and bulldozer to commemorate all the road construction that we're going to be experiencing for the next several years!

This would have been appropriate for last week!

Santa riding down a pyramid.

I wish the dreidl was spinning!

My hometown.

I wanna live here!

5 Gold Rings, Baby!

I loved the 12 Days of Christams displays!

This one was our favorite.

It's under Louisville.  Who knew?
Well worth the (Groupon) price.  Still not sure about the regular rate.  At that price, I expect Brad Pitt to come drive the car through for us.  Still, lotsa fun.

What fun holiday stuff do they do in your area?


Sheryl said...

I live in a town not far from Madison the state capitol for WI. They also have a light display but in a local park. Olbrich Botanical Gardens has a train show running through a fantasy land of poinsettias and decorations. There is kites on the ice as Madison has lakes. A Christmas parade. The capitol square will be filled with snow for skiing but I believe that maybe later in the season.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

The lights are way cool. WE have some great displays around Atlanta, but sometimes the price is a bit much! Maybe I'll take my Grandson to Stone Mountain to see the lights this year.

Donna Wilkes said...

Aiken has Hopeland Gardens with light displays all around - It is a walking tour of your own. There is a donation box. You park offsite and the city has buses to take you to the gardens free. On some nights local choirs and bands have concerts. It is a wonderful event.

Your lights show looks rather spectacular. White Christmas is the winner in my book.