Sunday, June 26, 2016

Just a little more with Dr Ralph

You probably noticed in yesterday's Retro Y'all post that Ralph Stanley didn't sing lead in any of the selections, not even with his own band, the Clinch Mountain Boys. He always had other lead singers in the band, and shared duties with them.  I looked all over, but I just could not find a period clip of him singing lead.

Yet, to pay tribute without honoring that amazing voice--the epitome of the "high lonesome" Bluegrass sound--would not be right.  However, I do have some rules for what I will include in a Retro post.  I thought about skating by using the fact that the songs are old, even if the performances aren't, but I have nixed other videos of artists doing their classics in recent performances.

So I decided that there had to be one more look at this amazing talent, this time solo, doing the song from O Brother Where Art Thou? that brought him such recognition.


I tell you, it makes the hairs on my arms stand up.  

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Nogrinnin said...

I had the great good luck and pleasure of seeing Dr Ralph and the rest of the musical cast of O Brother Where Art Thou when the Down From The Mountain tour came to Chicago. His solo moment on stage had 18,500 people spellbound in the darkness with the hair standing up on their arms.