Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Who Says Blogging About Blogging is a Sin?

Introducing Banjo Spam!

I wasn't really surprised to get comment spam, since eventually they find their way even to little trafficked sites like this one. I was, however, surprised at the content:

"Great blog you have. I have a site about banjo music for tom dooley. You can check it out at banjo music for tom dooleyGreat blog you have. I have a site about banjo music for tom dooley. You can check it out at banjo music for tom dooley."

"Great blog you have. I have a site about bela fleck banjo instruction. You can check it out at bela fleck banjo instruction."

Yes, other folks get spam for manhood-enhancing products and low-interest home loans. I get spam for banjoes! At least someone thinks I have a great blog!


I guess it says something about my approach to blogging that my two year blogiversary passed week before last, and I didn’t even notice it. I don’t know if that’s because I basically didn’t post at all during much of the first year of Eddie-torial Comments’ existence or if it’s because several of my early posts make me cringe.

We have a winner!

Yes, that contest thing was serious. And I do have a winner, even if no one actually entered the contest!

Yes, no one followed the rules, but Roger, my one loyal reader, did actually leave the correct answer in the comments section for that day. That’s close enough to sending me an email, so I decided, what the hell, I’ll send Roger some stuff off my desk.

Winging Roger’s way right now, is a package containing:

One of my old business cards!
Some Amnesty International stickers and stuff!
A personalized notepad! (okay, it’s personalized to me, but can’t everyone use one of those?)
A prayer card to
Saint Dymphna!
An old price sticker from the late lamented Hawley-Cooke Booksellers! (Life just hasn’t been the same since Borders took over the best independent bookstore in town and sucked all the personality out of it.)
A binder clip! (Just to make sure there was something slightly useful in there.)
Some things I’ve forgotten because I didn’t make a list before I sealed the package!

Obviously, I have a long way to go before I get good at this blog contest thing. Maybe I should offer something out of my closet next?

Damn Dial Up

I’ve been house-sitting for some friends this last week, so I’m stuck with a horribly slow and unreliable dial up connection, which has really limited my online time. I guess years of DSL or cable access have made me slightly spoiled. I have however been doing a lot of writing, so I’ve got a bunch of stuff to post, which I think I’m going to plop out all at once, since this is conference week and I don’t have much time.

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