Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Six days on the road and I'm going to make it home tonight

Okay, not really. The six days part, that is. We will be home tonight. We set out from Arkansas yesterday. Made it to Nashville last night. Going to do some outlet shopping today and then point the old Buick towards the homestead.

I've been missing my kitties something awful. We had to board Chiquito due to some of his more anti-social tendencies, and I'm afraid it might really freak him out. Plus, I've been seeing black cats everywhere, which almost seems like some sort of sign. So, I'm worried about Kosh. Our cat-sitter says everyone is fine, but I'm still a little concerned. The last trip we both made to Arkansas ended with Basil being put to sleep a few days later. I'm a little nervous. I can't help it.

In thanks to Keith for handling to driving chores so well, here's Lucinda Williams singing about one of the places we passed through on our journeys:

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Roger Owen Green said...

Eddie - It would bring me joy if you fixed the typo in your title. I noticed it on my sidebar. unless you are, in fact, oing.