Monday, December 01, 2008

30 Days Hath December!

ITEM! It's cold and snowy here making it the perfect night for a pot of beans! Mmmm! Beans!

ITEM! Yes, I know thst most of what I'm writing tonight, along with most of what I wrote over the Arkansas trip would have made better updates for the Twitter thingie than blog posts, but I'm trying to get back into the habit of posting again. Please bear with me.

ITEM! Speaking of the Arkansas trip, it ended quite well. I met parts of Keith's family that I had not met previously. I discovered the wonder of shopping at Fred's. We found a coffee shop that makes a decent latte in small town western Arkansas, believe it or not. Keith mother is having a lot of trouble with her knees and a recent surgery has not seemed to help, which was hard to watch. I think it's the first serious indicator we've had that she's getting older. I was glad I was able to go this time. I really do treasure his mom.

ITEM! Meeting the other sides of his family made me think about how similar our upbringings actually were. We've both known for years that we're both small town rural boys who went to the big city to become who we really are, but I don't often actually see him in that setting very often. Or vice versa, for that matter. We met in Louisville, so we didn't see each other in our settings of origin until much later. Even the meeting of the mothers took place up here, so I always tend to think of us in terms of who we are and who we have become instead of where we came from. It's comforting to me somehow to know that there's such similarity to our backgrounds.

ITEM! We were so tired from traveling that our own Thanksgiving was kind of anti-climatic. We slept very very late and didn't eat until even later. But it was very yummy, nonetheless.

ITEM! Not to Roger Green: I'm not oing any more!

ITEM! The annual day after T-giving shopping was kind of anti-climatic as well. I stood outside our beloved Half Price Books for their gift certificate giveaway, only to watch them run out about six people in front of me. Still, their 20% off early bird special allowed me to pick up several hefty graphic novels for less than ten bucks each, which was nice. My comic shop also had a 25% off special on Friday, so I dropped in there too. otherwise, it was a dull day. There were no lines anywhere we went.

ITEM! December is going to be nuts this year. In addition to the usual holiday whirl, including the baking spree to come. Saturday is Bardstown Road Aglow, one my favorite events of the season. I'm in the midst of changing jobs at work, trading in my current position of uncertainty and instability to a new more stable job, that even brings a slight promotion with it. The switch is not official until January 1, but I'm learning the ropes right now, plus doing my old duties, which includes traveling weatherization trainings around town to help our clients prepare their houses for winter. In addition, I'm teaching an adult ed class for our school system. Thankfully that ends soon, but I still have my last lessons to prepare.


In the midst of all that, I've decided to try to blog every day this month, because things weren't quite crazy enough, you know? Whatever. So, this month, look for holiday gifts for my readers (ha!), presents for my favorite bloggers, and some other stuff, including a bunch of rambling babbling crap passing for writing.


Roger Owen Green said...

promises, promises! I'll be watching...

EM said...

I'd be surprised if you weren't, Rog. Hope you all aren't snowed in or anything.