Friday, October 15, 2010

The Evolution of Man(a)

This is another of my favorite Muppet sketches. I'm known to break out into a chrus of "manha manha!" from time to time. (It's kind of amazing the things that end up having that kind of impact on you, isn't it?)

Come along with me and trace the progression!

It started like this:

The early Muppet designs were so primitive and obviously puppet-like compared to what they would become. I always liked the way they would show frustration by clenching their whole face up. It's a cute little touch they lost along the way, although Kermit would still do it from time to time.

And, now, on to this:

I think this one may be the funniest. The phone call at the end still cracks me up. I always loved the idea of Kermit as the host/producer of this wacky crew of performers, trying to hold things together long enough to put a show together each week.

Add a touch more sophistication, and you get this:

The best bit here, is when he stares into their mouths.

And finally, take away the Muppets, and this is what you get.

And thus ends Muppet Week at Eddie-torial Comments!

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