Monday, October 04, 2010

Back from the Wilderness!

I didn't have time last week to get any drafts finished up and ready to post, so I ran out of content yesterday. I'm about to hit a lull in the part-time gig, so I'll be able to get more stuff ready and scheduled and such.

We had a ball this weekend. one of the best times we've ever had camping, in fact. Keith loves (make that LOVES) to camp and goes nearly every weekend in the spring and summer. I like it, but am not that enamored with it. Besides, once yard sale season gets rolling, I've gotta stay in town and go on the merchandise hunt.

So, anyway, we just kind of sat around and did nothing together all weekend. And it was glorious. I didn't read a thing, which is odd for me. We talked. We ate. We talked some more. We ate some more. Keith made a pot of the best chili Saturday. We laid un the tent and listened to the rain on Saturday and napped. We had a bottle of wine and sat in the camp hot tub. It was just a lot of agenda-less fun.

It's been a rough summer between my mom dying and me getting fired. I'm still fighting that on several fronts. Keith has his own work stresses. Another friend of ours passed a few weeks ago. We've got the financial stuff to worry about being down one income. I had a ton of vacation time I got paid for, plus Mom's insurance, so we've been okay, but that's running down and my savings are dwindling. The part-time gig pays well, but not until completion and I've got two more weeks to go on that. We'll be okay through the end of the year, but something has to open up for me before then. I feel really guilty that all this chaos is because of me, but he keeps reminding me that it really isn't.

So anyway, it was a lovely, lovely break. We did hit a couple of yard sales, too, but nothing fancy came out of it. It was nice to get home to our own bed and the kitties too, although now I'm confronted with a house full of stuff that needs doing. Being unemployed was supposed to grant me some time to take care of some things, but that doesn't seem to be happening. Oh well.

I guess I'll get started on the dishes now and the laundry. Got some booth stuff to do too. When I started thinking about everything I had to do at the house over the weekend, for some reason, "Wall of Death" kept coming into my head. I guess catching up on the housework around this place is kind of like riding the Wall of Death, so it does fit.

So, while, I'm climbing one Wall of Death, you can enjoy the musical one, courtesy of guitar great Richard Thompson:

Oh yeah, last thought: I broke 600 last month with the booth. I am so psyched!

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