Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Rambles

Okay.  I have managed to do what I could not do at all last week--carve out a few minutes in the day to put up at least one blog post.  Let's do this.

Thanks to Shara and Lynn for their sweet comments on my last post about not making my rent.  It still smarts a bit, but I appreciate the encouragement and support.  The whole deal has really made me second guess myself and whether I really know what I'm doing in this junk field.  More on some of those thoughts a little later.

This is my last week on this schedule.  I'll have a few weeks with slightly reduced hours, until about mid-June, so blogging (and junking) should pick up a bit for me.  I hope to get some posts that are hanging around finished and then stored away. I still have that 2005post total to beat!  I'm getting too close to be messing around with work and such!

Sales this weekend sucked!  I think I bought maybe a dozen small items.  Not even enough to fill up one of our backseats.  If my sales at one site continue at the place they've set so far this month, I'm going to be hurting for stock soon.  I may have to pull from the slower booth (which is struggling to get to rent again this month) to make do.

We went to four different neighborhood sales and it was only at the last one that we found sufficient quantities of sellers for it to be worth our while.  Even at that, though, most sales were nothing but crap.  I did get a cool stuffed Hong Kong Phooey toy, some glass Fleur de lis stuff, and a couple of vintage wooden kids' school chairs, but nothing else worth mentioning. 

However, we passed my former comic shop and saw that they were having their sidewalk sale, so I was able to stock up on comics, bags, and--oddly enough--old religion books.  I think I've got enough now to tide me over for a while. 

Yesterday marked Mother's Day number two without a mother.  Memorial Day will be the second anniversary of her death. Time keeps marching on in spite of everything else, doesn't it?

Finally got to listen to the new Amy Ray CD, Lung of Love, over the weekend.  It's about 27 different kinds of awesome and I cannot recommend it highly enough,  A couple of cuts give me goosebumps!

Speaking of goosebumps and cuts and such, I burned my arm on an exposed light bulb in a lamp in a booth where I was shopping last week.  I've been putting aloe and Bactine on it, but it still hurts and it's formed a blister.  I'm not sure what to do?  Should I pop the blister or leave it alone?

Okay, my few minutes are up.  Time to spell check this, throw in some links, post this puppy and go!


Shara said...

I'm sorry about your Mom not being here anymore. My Mom is my absolute best friend. I just can't imagine and it makes me feel so sad for you. I am sorry.

The sales here this weekend were pathetic! I only bought a handful of crap and it really is crap. I was desperate! The University had graduation and it was Mother's Day, so it just wasn't the best weekend for sales. I prefer Fall sales anyway - they have the best JUNK. Hope your week picks up.

Chris the Yardsale Queen said...

pop pop pop!