Tuesday, May 22, 2012

These were actually supposed to be a part of yesterday's post...

Between my dying camera battery and my dying memory (not the camera, computer, or phone's memory--mine), a couple of pics and items didn't make it into the Pictorial Monday Rambles.  G However, they are too wonderful not to include, so I'm going to make Monday Rambles history by turning the first ever Pictorial Monday Rambles into the first ever two part Monday Rambles!  If this weren't a blog, I'd be advising you to double bag this one and save it for twenty years to sell on eBay for big bucks because it is sure to be a collector's item!

So, without further delay, I give you:

Monday Rambles Pictorial Edition, Part Two!

Guess what I found over the weekend while I was out curb-diving during junk set out?

I kid you not.  I never realized there was irony in junking.  I'm going to have to keep this one in my junk sorting and pricing room as a reference manual.  No way I could sell that one.

Also, while I was out wading through people's cast-offs, I stopped for a Diet Dr Pepper, because I was really hot.   I texted Keith, who was home in bed with Kosh about the heat.  He replied back that hot, sticky, muggy curbside picking was what entrepreneurs were supposed to do.  As opposed to him and Kosh, of course.  They're not entrepreneurs and don't have to do sweaty picks.

A few seconds later, he texted me this pic:

Gotta love it.

I'll have more about the whole curb dive experience this go around tomorrow.

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