Friday, September 07, 2012

Dollar Days and Flea Market Finds

One of these days, I'm to post a Junkin' Memories story about the big Stewart Promotions flea market at the fairgrounds and my long history with it.  But that's a story for another day.  For now, I want to share some of the things I found at the Labor Day 2012 edition of the flea market this past Sunday, most of which was a dollar or less.  This isn't everything I bought by a longshot, just the highlights.  I decided not to bore you all with pic after pic of a bunch of comic books, although I did do pretty good in that regard, too.

Obligatory messy desk background alert!  Don't look too closely at the background of the pics if you are the slightest bit faint of heart.  You have been warned!

Fisher-Price TV Van

I just love Fisher-Price toys, from just about any era.  This van is from their Adventure People line in the late 70's.  I thought it was pretty cool.

Vintage F-P Ring Stack Toy (with wood base)

This one has been loved and played to death.  The top ring has been lost to posterity, but I couldn't leave it behind.  It's just too sweet.

Vintage Green Glass Planter Bowl

I love colored glass when the colors are this rich and vibrant.  A good cobalt blue anything will make my toes curl.  I had to become a junker.  There's no other way to make use of an attribute like that.

Assorted Toys

One booth had these huge bins of mostly Happy Meal toys for 25 cents each.  Digging though, I found a few more interesting items.  The horseshoes in back are cool and the lamb and the bird are really sweet.  The Lifesavers cup isn't old, but I like advertising stuff like this.  The Batman discs aren't really old either, but, hey, they're Batman!

Old Cootie Parts

I found this baggie of old Cootie parts amongst the McToys.  There are plenty of everything in the bag, except there are only two tongues, so you can only make two complete Cooties.  This is from back in the days when the Cootie looked more bug-like and really creepy.

 Vintage Dates and Mates Book

Early calendar/diary for teens.  It's got some slots for pictures on the inside and a notepad with the days listed on it, so you could keep track of your important things to do, like the sock hop.  The pade has been used, but there is still plenty of sheets left.

The top one even has some notes on it.  I love the one about "asking Mommy."

Vintage Carry Case

Love it!

Finally, something that wasn't a dollar.  It was two.  This Batman-Joker card game starter pack is new and still sealed.  It's going into my stash of holiday gift items for sale later in the year.

That should give you a pretty good indicator of what the day was like.  There's lots more, but these are some of the highlights.  Any more would be overkill.  Suffice it to say, it was a very good day.

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