Tuesday, September 25, 2012


It's probably one of those "eye of the beholder" things, but the killer Halloween display is done.  It's not quite as snazzy as last year's, which actually told a little story, but it will most certainly do.  I had a lot more to work with this year.  Last year, I had three totes full of stuff and sold nearly everything.  I had a little less than a half tub left at the end of October.  This year, I brought in four tubs.  I hope it sells as well this time around.

My table covering would not cover all three of my card tables, so I ended up using the one from last year to cover one of them.  I could have just reused it, as it did cover everything, but I hate repeating myself.  I may yet get some cobwebby stuff to cover the shelf with, just for added effect.  I guess with all the holiday madness coming that those card tables are committed to displays until the end of the year.

Enough babbling from me.  Take a look and see.  I'll warn you that displays really aren't my strong point.  I have absolutely no discernible talent for arranging things.  I'm much more of a "plop it down, stack it up, and cram it in" kind of guy.  Sometimes, I end up regretting my choices.  I already know, for example, that the tub of costumes is over full and will give me no end of grief.  Still didn't stop me from doing it, though.

I wish it was possible to get a good pic of part of my booth without the mess in all the other parts showing up as well, not too mention all the other booths around me.

It's a tub of make-up!  Halloween Monster Power, MAKE-UP!  

 I know I'm going to regret that.  I just know it.

I like skulls.  If I were thirty years younger, I would probably be goth.  Thank god, I'm not thirty years younger.  Black lipstick is not a good look for me.   For some reason, all those skulls lined up like that makes me want to sing this song.  I am not a well person.

BEWARE THE DEMON DOLLS!  I have a few more creepy dolls to add to that cauldron.  Brrr...dolls.  Hate 'em.

Better the Demon Dolls than the DEVIL DUCKS!  FLEE!  RUN AWAY!


Roger Owen Green said...

I agree. You'd be a homely goth.

We are: Clamco said...

Cool skulls! Creepy dolls! It all looks great!

Ms Jackie's Junque said...

Your display looks great!

Lynn said...

I just looked up favorite holidays and Halloween is 3rd after Christmas and Thanksgiving. So it's no wonder people buy the stuff.

Your display looks good - I'm sure you will sell, sell, sell!