Monday, November 19, 2012

Mini-Monday Rambles

Just a really quick note to let everyone know that I am still among the living on this planet.  Right now, we are in Arkansas, wrapping up our annual Thanksgiving-ish visit with Keith's family.  We head out tomorrow and will be back in Louisville for our own feast.  Regular blogging should resume about that time.

It's been a whirlwind trip, as usual, but I did get some quick junking in.  Finds include an awesome vintage suitcase with all hardware working, plus two keys!  It was a dollar.  I love, love, love small town community thrifts.  I also found a box with like 30 volumes of manga in it for a quarter apiece.  The biggest community thrift wasn't open, unfortunately.  I also got attacked by a Chihuahua in a Santa suit at this dinky Mom and Pop thrift place I stopped at.  They had nothing but crap, but when I turned to leave the dog ran and jumped up at my leg, barking and snarling all the while!

I always end up wishing we had more time when we come rushing in like this.  Too much to do and not enough time to do it!  Maybe next year!


Shara said...

Arkansas! Yeah! Hey - thanks for the postcardS. All FOUR of them! I appreciate all the time, effort and $ you spent to send them to us. We look forward to learing lots of cool KY things. (Other than tracking the new WiiU shipment coming to us from Louisville)! Thanks Eddie!

Roger Owen Green said...

so when you go junking, do you sing along with Paul McCartney?