Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I missed Monday! (Again!)

This is starting to become a habit, one I need to break.  How are we all going to start our week without Monday Rambles?  Sorry about that.

This time it's at least partially because there's not too much to report.

The vehicles are still smashed up in front of the house.  We've become a stop on the rubbernecker tour.  Yesterday morning, I watched a guy on a bicycle slow down to gawk at them.  We're still waiting the insurance appraiser to check them out before we have them towed off.  I know the neighbors are so thrilled with this.

I am so afraid I'm going to lose Baby (that's the truck).  Unfortunately, I'm fixing to really need her over the next few months.  (More on that in a bit.)

We took Chiquito to the vet Saturday, prompting him to have a total break with reality.  My sweet little baby boy turned into some kind of wildcat!  He growled.  He hissed.  He spit.  He was so wild that they were unable to complete the examination.  Thankfully, they were able to give him his shots and do the blood draw.  His tests came back clear, so we took him home, with a recommendation that we sedate him before bringing him in next time. 

I spent Sunday at the booth, trying to pull Xmas together.  I'm quite honestly overwhelmed!  Nothing seems to be working no matter what I try.  There's a lot riding on this year.  Besides sales, the booth that gets the most votes for its decor gets a free month of rent in January.  My problem is that I don't know the difference between Xmas decorating and Xmas displays!  I want to sell all this stuff, which means that it's going to be handled, fondled, misplaced and knocked over!  What to do?  What to do?  I'm going back Wednesday to see if I can finish it up.  If I can make it presentable, then I'll take some pics.

Another part of the booth stress is that I am behind on a special project for the booth.  I see everything in my head, but the time just hasn't been there to work on it.  Maybe in a few weeks.  It's kind of cool.

I'm debating getting storage space at the Peddlers Mall.  They have some limited space available for vendor storage, and one of those spots is open right now.  The problem is that it's located behind a wall space booth and the door to it is in the middle of that booth.  So, to get the space, I have to take the booth.  I'd have to give up my religion wall to be able to afford it, so that material might get moved to the new space.  I don't like breaking up my spaces though, so I'm not sure what to do.  I have got to get all this stuff out of the house though, and the storage space is cheaper and larger than I could get from a storage rental place and a lot more convenient.  Still not sure what to do.

If I do, then I'll be super-busy for a few weeks getting stuff moved over there.  Sure would be nice if the truck were available.

More to come.

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