Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Okay, Mister! What in Heaven's Name Was That All About?

Or, did you hit 49 and lose your mind???!!!?????

Well, truth to be told, I lost it a looooong time ago.

Thanks for your patience in dealing with that spate of ridiculousness that took over last week and spilled over into yesterday.  I probably should have cropped it at Friday, but I had that one last word I so wanted to use!

The whole thing goes back to my troubles from a little while ago.  I had contemplated doing that one word series of blogs just to tweak the nose of my detractor a bit and nearly did it until I realized that this person is not really bright enough to get that they were being directed at them.  Good snark should not be wasted.

I even thought about embedding "FUCK YOU" throughout the posts one letter at a time, but decided that was too passive for my taste.

In the end, I went with a more direct explanation of events and felt better once it got off my chest.  Since the end of October, I have no reason to even be in that person's presence any more ever.  But the idea just wouldn't die.

I finally decided to do it just to get it off my chest and out of my head.  Doing it as a follow up to my "post every day until my birthday blogiversary" days seemed to be an easy way to extend the daily posts for a bit longer.

Plus, it was just fun to read your reactions.  I do hope that you'll forgive me my indiscretions.

No more one word posts.  I promise.

If it helps, just think of it as some kind of commentary on the state of American political discourse.

A little personal history, then we can consign the whole incident to the dustbin of blogging memory.  When I first came to Louisville, I worked the overnight shift in a homeless shelter.  Keith and I used to talk on the phone several times a night.  I'd have to put him on hold often to deal with something that was going on.  Homeless shelters are never quiet, not even at midnight.  I'd come back, pick up the phone, take it off hold, and there he would be, repeating over and over:  "Babble, babble, babble, babble.  Babble to myself."  He would do that until I got back and it would crack me up every time.


Roger Owen Green said...

You DO need therapy. Just noting.

Shara said...

It's your blog, you can say or do whatever you want - eve stick in an "F...Y.." once in awhile if needed. Hope things are looking up now as far as the haters. BOO TO THE HATERS!