Friday, March 28, 2014

Stuck in my head

I came out of the shower the other day with this stuck in my head:

If you're around my age and you watched Saturday morning cartoons as a kid, you probably remember the great Schoolhouse Rock shorts.  Usually, I get hung up on the math (naturally) or history shorts, but grammar is what invaded my head the other day.  I think it's because I've been encouraging my classes to write within the context of out math classes.

Another imminently hummable, irresistibly catchy one:

Hey!  That's not fair!  Giving a guy a shot down there!  Gotta love it.  I think the girl with the rainbow "Wow" would look awesome on a retro style t-shirt.

I love this one for the names alone:

The next time I get on the bus, I'm going to holler out:  "Who let that rhinoceros on this bus?"  That piano line is really pretty.

And, finally, nouns:

I love how the pop culture references were already a little dated when this one first aired in the early 70's.  I have a sneaky suspicion that you can sing this one to this tune (and vice versa).  I haven't tried it all the way through, but parts of it seem to work in my head.


Shara said...

I bought the whole DVD set of Schoolhouse Rock. Memories!

Deana said...

I will be 40 this year and once in a while my older sister will just look at me and say "I'm just a bill..." & immediately we are both singing. Good memories. Every Saturday morning we camped out in front of the TV to watch. Every kid we knew could sing every word of the Schoolhouse Rock songs.