Thursday, October 30, 2014

Finds Catch Up (Vol I)

Here's an unused Mazda shot from a couple of weeks ago.  Yes, I bought another school desk.  It's kind of an addiction.  Most of the pics to follow are actually from last Saturday's rounds.

I forgot to take a Mazda shot on Saturday, but here is everything unloaded at the new booth, waiting for placement.

Well, everything except for that ratty footstool on the left.  That's not mine.  I also got some great deals on small handmade furniture pieces.

That's three small benches/tables made from reclaimed/repurposed wood.  Tee lady I bought them from said her brother had made them.  The thing on top is a step stool that I so helpfully turned the wrong way.  Doh!  It's actually two step stools that the maker then joined together with a piece of wood across the top of both.  It's awesome!

I bought these cool decorative plates at the American Legion sale with the DING!  They're really heavy.  I think they might be pewter.

They have these Germanic/Nordic designs on them.  Cool!

Cute Syroco bookends.  The little boy is playing with a pig!

I bought four of these awesome wood bowls with hammered metal edging.  They're sitting on the double step stool.

Bowling league score pins from the 60's and 70's.  I love these things!

Cast iron ashtray from Reading, PA with a cute Amish dude on it.  It's marked "Dale Craft" on the bottom.  I need to look that up.

Gavel noisemaker.  It really is quite loud, as long as you don't smash your thumb of whack yourself in the head.  Then you're the loud one.

This corkscrew/bottle opener set may be the cutest thing I've gotten in a while.  Anyone know anything more about them?

One of my best finds last weekend was this antique folding table.  It's got some condition issues, but someone will love it, eventually.  In the meantime, it's a great display piece and I need more of those.

This is the back.  It's all wood, except for four little door hinges that connect the legs to the top.  All of the mechanics that hold the legs upright when they are folded out is wooden.

The top.  This thing has been well-used and is loaded with character and patina.  It's also very sturdy.

The wood tongue that holds the legs up fits into this groove.  It's really awesome!


Sheryl said...

That folding table is great. There must be some interesting history to that piece.

Shara said...

That is a great table. I would be hard pressed to sell it since it would be great for display at shows. The bottle openers look German to me. Very cute!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Lots of great stuff! I too love the folding table and those bowling pins!

Judy said...

Oooh, I love the folding table. Very nice find - the bowling pins are cool, too. Actually, it's all coooool!!!

Margaret @ Live Like No One Else said...
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Margaret @ Live Like No One Else said...

Those are some really cool finds! Lorraine from We are Clamco mentioned your blog. Just wanted to send some good finds and to let you know that I'll be keeping you in my prayers!